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Every Day Pure Ghee-500ml-(Nestle)

Every Day Pure Ghee-500ml-(Nestle)

Colour Brown
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Product Description

Ghee has been an essential element of authentic Indian food since time immemorial. Adding flavour and enhancing the fragrance of the food, ghee stands as one of the most preferred Indian toppings. 100% pure in nature, Nestle ghee comes with the guarantee of being hygienically packed and untouched with hands.

Considering that unlike animal fats pure ghee contains only saturated fats or fatty acids that are short chain fatty acids. Regular consumption of pure ghee helps enhance your mental and physical strength. Also it is important to note that pure ghee actually contains very less amount of fat and is easily digestible. When consumed with a balanced diet and following a proper exercise schedule pure ghee actually enhances your body metabolism and helps in weight loss.

Packaged by Nestle, which is one of the most trusted brands in India , Every Day Pure Ghee makes for the perfect replacement for oil. Ghee comes with a high burning point and hence makes cooking much easier, as it does not burn or smoke easily. Also when consumed with food, its greasy nature provides protection to your stomach's walls from harmful digestive acids. Everyday pure ghee comes with a naturally prepared feel, along with a taste that is soothing to the tongue.

Shop online at Junglee to avail the most interesting prices offered by various sellers. Spread some ghee over the mundane and boring food to give it the authentic Indian dish feel. Save yourself from the dry and tasteless food by pouring out some Everyday ghee over your food and discovering the secrets to your mother's mouth-watering recipes. Although over consumption of ghee should be avoided, a considerable amount of it is however necessary to keep your body fat levels balanced and adding the glow to your dry and fading skin.
Product Details
Manufacturer NESTLE INDIA LTD.
Model Number Dn-1161
Colour Brown

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