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Excellent Acoustic Mini USB2.0 Speaker with 3.5 mm Audio Input Port for Laptop, Computer, MP3/MP4, Phone

Excellent Acoustic Mini USB2.0 Speaker with 3.5 mm Audio Input Port for Laptop, Computer, MP3/MP4, Phone

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Wattage 3.00
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Product Description

Are you tired with your old speakers because they do not provide the sound clarity that you want? Do you want speakers that will produce sound that is rich and clear? If your answer to these questions is yes, then you might not have to look any further. You have come to the right place as now you can own Excellent Acoustic Mini USB2.0 Ifang Speakers very easily. It is a perfectly designed, tailor-made electronic gadget and it can be attached to a television or computer at home. You can experience crystal clear sound with this speaker device. The manageable size and its light in weight features add to the USP of the product. Before you purchase the product take a look at the features.

Speakers that speak to your soul

This Ifang Wireless Speaker emits high definition sound that is clear and rich. The uniquely crafted design and the mystifying black shade of the product catch your eye at the first go. This Ifang wired Speaker is a must buy for all music lovers. Every piece of music tells a different story and this speaker system will allow you to enjoy that. This device ensures that this purpose is met.

The Look

The body of the Ifang wired speakers is featured with high quality timber which reduces any possibility of damage and corrosion in case of accidental bumps, falls, and shocks. Being squarish in shape, this speaker lends a stylish look to your interior. The original output area is circular in shape, with the square body circling around it giving it an engulfing effect. The bottom surface of the product is flattened in order to ensure concrete fixing of the product on the surface on which it is placed. The black body will definitely catch your attention and you will love to own it. The product is extremely conveniently sized and weighs 273gms.

General Features

The power requirement of this system is 3W x 2 (THD)=10%. Where as the frequency rate is 90Hz~20KHz, with the Power Voltage being DC 5V. This particular series features advanced and hi-tech circuit and chip set system. This is the reason for the noise cancellation to work like a charm, and you get to hear music that is pure and clear. These speakers are compatible with your laptop, computer and television as well. Now you can listen to high definition music via this speaker system to experience sound of the highest quality. The perfect combination of treble and bass that you have been looking for all is compressed into this speaker system. You can enjoy music and sound of the top that this Ifang speaker system will provide to you.

Maintenance and Durability

This electrifying Ifang Portable Speaker is that it durable and would serve your purpose for a long period of time. However, this speaker's needs regular maintenance is necessary to render it clean. You also need to clean the exterior of these speakers with a gentle duster and use it smoothly. The best way to protect this pair of speakers damage sis to always unplugs it when not in use. Dust can affect the performance a lot. Therefore, you can use the vacuum cleaner occasionally to clean out the dust. Clean them on a regular basis and do not use any liquid cleaner or detergent or they might cause damage to the amplifiers. Also remember not keep them on metals as they are conducive to magnetism. It is best to keep them on wooden stands. Do not keep them near any magnetic source, or else the inbuilt electromagnet will be damaged. Remember to provide ample ventilation to the speakers and it will peform heavily. As these speakers are portable you must remember to carry them in a proper box to ensure that they remain safe from damage. This product is now available on the internet, so you can buy Excellent Acoustic Mini USB2.0 Ifang Speakers online and get it delivered to your doorstep.

About Ifang

Ifang is one of the leading brands of audio electronics. Ifang equipment is a preferred brand for many. The USP of Ifang audio equipment is that Ifang audio accessories provide exemplary sound quality.

Key Highlights

Brand: Ifang

Wired type

Stunning black colour

3D sound technology with 2.0 channels

Rich bass

USB plug for power

Mini and portable

Easy to clean and maintain

Product Details
Manufacturer Terabyte
Manufacturer Part Number TB-0445
Brand Terabyte
Model Number E-02B
Item Package Quantity 1
Technical Specification
Speaker Connectivity wired
Wattage 3.00

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Overall Rating 3.1 out of 5 stars
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