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Exile Hunter
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Exile Hunter[Kindle Edition]

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Language English
Contributor(s) Preston Fleming
Binding Kindle Edition
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Overview: Exile Hunter

EXILE HUNTER, the third book in the Kamas Trilogy, begins in 2023, one year before the Kamas revolt, in a dystopian America ruled by a tyrannical President-for-Life who turns America’s military and intelligence assets against his domestic enemies. The protagonist, an undercover officer specializing in targeting exiled political opponents, becomes the scapegoat for a failed operation and is sent to die in a corrective labor camp near the Arctic Circle. But, defying all odds, he survives, escapes and devotes his remaining energies to finding and aiding a woman whose family he has ruined. <br> <br>SYNOPSIS: <br>Beirut, 2023: When undercover intelligence officer Warren Linder agrees to lure an exiled opponent of the President-for-Life back to impoverished, low-tech, post-Civil War II America, Linder is unaware that the target is his childhood sweetheart’s father. On learning this, he ignores his better instincts and plunges ahead. But a surprise encounter with the woman who rejected him years before triggers a change in Linder that derails the operation. His bosses, suspecting treachery, capture Linder along with the target and his daughter and spirit them back to the U.S. aboard a secret rendition flight. Linder’s ensuing journey takes him from Beirut to a Virginia interrogation center and on to an Arctic labor camp; then, after a nearly impossible winter escape, on a 2000-mile trek to the Utah Security Zone, where his onetime love was last held. Though he finds her, their respective ordeals have changed them. The story reaches a climax in the couple’s home town of Cleveland, where Linder aims to recover his former target’s last cache of rebel funds and use it to take his loved ones beyond the regime’s reach. EXILE HUNTER is a tragic yet life-affirming saga of a man who risks everything to set right past wrongs, regain lost love and resist the tyranny he once served...
Product Details
Language English
Publication Date April 20, 2014
Publisher PF Publishing
Contributor(s) Preston Fleming
Binding Kindle Edition
Page Count 435
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Overall Rating 4.1 out of 5 stars
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  1.  Although this is the third in the Kamas Trilogy, it can be read as a stand-alone book. 5 August, 2014 On
    I received a review copy of this book from the author
    Although this is the third book in the Kamas Trilogy, it is a prequel, set in the period prior to and overlapping forty days at Kamas. And can be read as a stand-alone book.

    The protagonist Warren Linder a DSS (Department of State Security) officer charged with rendering wanted exiles in Europe and the Middle East back to America for trial and/ or confiscation of their assets.
    During an under-cover operation as Joe Tanner, a Mormon rebel leader, Linder’s latest job is to get insurgent financier Philip Eaton to transfer some money to the Mormon rebels so the money can be traced, or failing that put him in a position where he can be abducted.
    Eaton see’s through Linder’s impersonation, and assuming he is an agent or officer of the DSS, offers to turn himself in if his family is left alone. Linder agrees to pass the offer on to his superiors and “go to bat” for Eaton. The DSS raid the meeting and arrest the whole family and Linder as well.
    Linder realises he is being made a scapegoat for a failed operation when he is charged with accepting bribes and collaborating with the exiles.
    After being sentence to life in the Yukon’s Corrective Labor Camps, first in timber camps and then in the mines, Linder seek forgiveness and redemption
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