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F&D Speakers I-226

F&D Speakers I-226

Wattage 37.00
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Product Description

Why get grouchy when you can easily wake up to the sweet and calming sound of your personal favorite music track? This one gadget- the F&D speakers I-226 can easily charm you in many ways through its versatile features and multiple qualities. If you are supposed to wake up earlier every morning than everyone else, then you must ensure that this is done so via an amazing and reliable gadget, especially in this age of technology.

In addition to this, this spectacular device comes with radio capabilities that will make you play the latest chartbusters even after you would have left the bed. This doc is not just limited to your iPod or iPhone 4; rather it offers open connectivity with all forms of MP3 players, notebooks or even personal computers. If you are one of those lazy folks or habitual snoozers who fumble around every single morning the moment the alarm goes off, this I - 226 will provide you with an adjustable dimmer as well as top panel controls in a large LCD display for every operation thereby making sure that you do not go back to sleep again.

In other words, this iPhone dock cum radio cum alarm clock will encourage your metamorphosis from a midnight oil burner to a fresh and active morning person. Also, did we mention that the weight of this incredible device is just one kilogram?

If sleep eludes you and on most of the nights, you are unable to sleep until well past midnight, then you must indulge in this spectacular alarm clock in order to maintain your physical, mental and emotional well being while bringing your body back to balance. Researchers show that many of us are nocturnal because we are wired that way. Long term disruption of your body's rhythm can have dangerous consequences.

These sleep and wake patterns are influenced by one's body clock, which, in turn is determined by the genetic makeup. If the clock runs fast one will be a morning person. But if it is slower than average, one may not feel like going to bed before midnight. All living organisms have a cycle of physiological and biochemical processes and behavior patterns, called circadian rhythm, which is further directed by a master clock in the hypothalamus in the brain. Disruption of the circadian rhythm can take a toll on one's health, by disrupting many functions in the body regulation system. The most effective way to treat such a rhythm disorder is to start by waking up early in the morning irrespective of the sleep you have had last night. Though this might seem difficult for the initial phase but over the time, your body will adjust and come back to the regular balance. With its incredible alarm features and brilliant sound system, the new F&D I - 226 iPhone dock cum radio cum alarm clock is certainly to come to rescue especially when you have been struggling with snoozers and late night sleeps.

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Product Details
Manufacturer F&D
Manufacturer Part Number i226
Brand FD
Model Number Fenda I-226
Item Package Quantity 1
Technical Specification
Speaker Connectivity Wired
Wattage 37.00
Connectivity Technology Wired

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