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FIFA 06 World Cup 2006 - Live Game (Xbox 360) (PAL)

FIFA 06 World Cup 2006 - Live Game (Xbox 360) (PAL)

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Product Description

Want to relive the gripping moments of FIFA World Cup 2006? Here's your chance to help your favourite team win the World Cup title!! Get stuck in the football craze and relive the wonderful time of the 2006 football World Cup in the virtual surroundings. The official and exclusive videogame partner for FIFA 2006 Germany, EA Sports, brings out this action packed gaming CD that recreates the FIFA World Cup emotions as it is. With immense detailing that has gone into the creation of the characters, you can witness intricate detailing in terms of each player's style and form, that makes the game all the more enjoyable.

Support your favourite team by helping them get through the various stages of the World Cup, starting right from qualifying matches, all the way to the FIFA 2006 World Cup Final!! With your favourite stars programmed to make them feel alive, you can see them exhibit their soccer skills right in front of you. Adding more realistic features to the gaming movements like kicking, passing, shooting, etc has made the game all the more enjoyable. With more than 100 famous footballers brought to life in this virtual game, complete fascination is fully guaranteed!!

Special Feature

The Global Challenge game mode successfully reconstructs 40 classic moments of the World Cup 2006 and poses you the same challenges to see how well you perform and your scores will be compared as against the real scores scored by the football legends themselves. This is an opportunity for you to measure yourself against the best in class footballers!! You can add your friends and play a multi player game and have loads of fun. Keep track of your results in the Longue, where you can create your own ranking and earn reward points too. With a treasure house of unlock able rewards and gifts on offer, you can own legendary players and exclusive apparel as and when you unlock them.

With 127 countries, 12 official stadium settings and 40 special moments, you are sure to get transported to the world of football. If you are football frenzy, go ahead and get it right now!! Check Junglee for great offers and unbelievable prices on this FIFA World Cup 2006 gaming CD for Xbox 360, right now!!

Product Features

  • The world's superstars look and play like their real life counterparts. Player attributes like ball skills and playing style have been uniquely re-created for each player to mirror real life
  • Compete as one of 127 teams from qualification right through to a virtual FIFA World CupTM Final in Germany. Play in any of the 12 official stadiums that come to life with the pageantry and festivity of the 2006 FIFA World Cup
  • Introducing a new mode called Global Challenge that recreates 125 classic moments in FIFA World Cup history. Earn rewards to unlock legendary players and classic apparel

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