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FLYFILMS Handle Kit I-PHONE adapter

FLYFILMS Handle Kit I-PHONE adapter

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Product Description

The contemporary world is witnessing quite many drastic changes and developments in almost every field. With the advent of the mobile phone, one has been surprised by the quick and ever changing developments and the pace of evolution that the mobile phone has gone through. A remarkable and notable phase of this evolution was the introduction of the I-phone by Apple, which is a widely recognised and desired smartphone in every part of the world. To add to its glory, Flyfilms has introduced this handy and convenient tool that can enhance the experience of capturing images with your I-phone.

Description of FLYFILMS Handle Kit I-PHONE adapter

No amount of gadgets can completely satisfy our desire to turn stylish and tech addict. Though there is always a set of tools that can add to your experience of using a particular gadget. This handle kit for I-phone is perhaps the best thing you can get for yourself if you are the proud owner of an I-phone. With this tool you can add charm to the feature of your phone as it takes capturing videos and images to an entirely new level.

Features and specifications of FLYFILMS Handle Kit I-PHONE adapter

This product is a creation of the famous brand Flyfilms which is a brand known well for constantly delivering high utility and ergonomic products and have risen to fame for the same with a wide variety of products to choose from. This tool has been designed to add value to your smartphone by making its use a whole different experience. It has a one fourth inch standard camera screw hole on the base of this handle kit which can be used to hold the I-phone in pace while you carry the handle in any direction and at any speed. The Handle kit has an extremely durable and comfortable hand grip which has a length of 122 mm. It has been specially made with a high quality, high grade, rigid plastic that can withstand rough and tough use for a long time. The colour in which you can get this handle kit from is a shade of black, which is a decent and sober choice for this tool. The handle grip is also quite large to ensure in every way that holding it is not a tedious task, no matter how long the duration for holding might be. It is designed with clean arms to further aid to the comfort level of using this tool. It also offers a mean time dual setup system which enables you to shoot same time differently. It has a durable mounting slot which ensures that your I-phone remains intact while you attach it with this handle kit. The model number of FLYFILMS Handle Kit I-PHONE adapter is FF-HK. It comes packed in a clean sturdy box which has printed details about the product in detail. It fulfils the requirement of an additional support for your camera. The large moulded plastic handle is designed in a way to provide comfort and reduce the tension of holding a camera for a long duration. The articulating setup of this handle kit captures creative angles easily and perfectly. Every little accessory that is required for use of this product has been provided with it. The price of FLYFILMS Handle Kit I-PHONE adapter is lowest online at

Attraction quotient of FLYFILMS Handle Kit I-PHONE adapter

You can easily buy FLYFILMS Handle Kit I-PHONE adapter online at What makes this handle kit a desirable product is the convenience it proposes to offer with its use. You can easily turn your high end I-phone into a real time monitor with the use of this handle kit. Use it if you have a task of recording and capturing at hand for a long duration. If you feel uncertain about this product then why not read the review of FLYFILMS Handle Kit I-PHONE adapter online to find positive and encouraging comments by those who have used this product. Once you have purchased this product, do leave your valuable reviews at

Product Features

  • Large Grip Handle
  • Articulating Arms
  • Use a i-phone as your personal monitor
  • Mean time dual setup
  • Œ Mounting Slot
Product Details
Manufacturer Flyfilms
Brand Flyfilms
Model Number FF-HK
Item Package Quantity 1
Technical Specification
Special Features Provides additional support for the camera, Great accessory for every GoPro user, Large molded handle makes working more ergonomic and stable, Dual setup to shoot same time differently, Articulating setup to capture creative angles easily

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