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Material Linen
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Wear this Funky Designer Blazer by Funky Apparels to exude pure style wherever you go! The funky designer blazers are stylish and make sure that you are the one in control wherever you go. The slim cuts and the high quality linen makes the blazer attractive and adds to the masculine appeal. The blazer is comfortable and lightweight and comes in an attractive maroon colour. The soft linen is extremely well processed and fine, making them perfect for Indian conditions. The jacket is of high quality and is long lasting. With a slim fit and a high Chinese collar, the Funky Apparels blazer is ideal for formal wear, fusion casual wear, or just to dazzle with a well designed comfort that takes care of you. With quality linen and a high fashion design, this blazer is a true value for money. Buy this fashionable yet comfortable Funky Apparels blazer and roam around with a cool swag.


The Funky Apparels blazer is maroon in colour and made of linen giving it that classic men's look. It has part linen, part cotton lining combining durability with comfort. The blazer is full sleeved and buttoned with cloth top buttons of a darker shade of the blazer colour to give it that perfect classy look. The collar is of the same deeper shade as the buttons and the pockets are lined with imitation handkerchiefs of alternating light and dark shade for that high end look. The blazer is suited for casual western wear. The Funky Apparels blazer comes with a simple yet classic slim fit making you look cool and in control. The Funky Apparels blazer is light and comfortable allowing you to enjoy its daily wear. The blazer is available in various sizes online. With an masculine design and comfort to match, the Funky Apparels blazer turns heads wherever it is worn.

Maintenance and Longevity

It is recommended that the Funky Designer Blazer by Funky Apparels be dry cleaned, especially for the first wash. This saree is a rare piece and difficult to find. The Funky Designer Linen Blazer will look brilliant on any body type. This Funky Apparels blazer will last for several years and will never go out of style. You cannot go wrong with this classy fusion wear. The quality linen that the blazer is made of insures a long lasting look. The tough yet comfortable cotton inner lining ensures your comfort and yet protects the linen from any moisture or wetness. You cannot go wrong with this classy fusion wear.

In The Box

A very masculine and classy designed Funky Designer Linen Blazer by Funky Apparels Size: various sizes available online.

Shop online for this Funky Designer Linen Blazer by Funky Apparels and buy it for an attractive price and easy delivery! Its classic design, comfort and durability make it a truly great product. The Designer Linen Blazer is made with your comfort and style in mind.

About the brand

Funky Designer Blazer is a men's apparel brand focused simply on fit, quality, functionality, and wearable design. They design and craft clothing in which to live your life and create timelessly classic pieces that seamlessly fit into your wardrobe. The collection is designed to reflect a comfortable, laid-back lifestyle. Inspirations run the garment from funky designer shirt to contemporary art.

Product Details
Material Linen

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