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Fablooms Red Designer Carpet

Fablooms Red Designer Carpet

Brand FabLooms
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Overview: Fablooms Red Designer Carpet

Enhance the overall look of the beautiful interiors of your house by using this pretty and bright Fablooms carpet. The speciality of this carpet from Fablooms is that it will add more colour to your apartment without occupying much space. Along with this, the smart and unique design on this red designer carpet will make your interiors look more special. If you want to give you the touch of elegance to your interiors, then this carpet is the right one for you. Its vibrant colour and matching design will make the floor and the overall room look more attractive. Along with this, the smart design of this carpet will protect the floor and give you the comfort of walking on the floor in the winter. If a particular part of the is damaged and you want to cover the damage in an aesthetic way,  use this colourful carpet from Fablooms to cover the flaw without compromising on the look of the floor.

About the Brand

The designer of this carpet is Fablooms. Till date, this reputed brand has designed a wide range of stylish andique furnishing products for their users. Till date, this brand has designed various furnishing products like mats, rugs, cushion covers, bed linen for their users. The brilliant combination of colour and design in their products make this brand a reputed one among its users. This time, Fablooms is back with this high quality and red designer carpet. If you want to give a makeover to the dull interior, then this red designer carpet is the ideal one for you.

Material and Design

This beautiful carpet has been designed from premium quality polysilk material. The designers have used red as the base colour on this carpet. Along with this, the presence of beautiful floral and vine work in the middle and corners of this red carpet. This floral and vine design on the carpet makes it look attractive and at the same time, this unique design also breaks the monotony of the design. The carpet comes in a compact size. This smart size of the carpet helps the user to use in different types of interiors.

Being made of the poly silk material. This carpet is long lasting ad easy to use on different types of floors. Along with this, the unique and colourful design makes this product a perfect one to use in different types of interiors. Be it the drawing room or the bedroom, you can use this beautiful carpet to enhance the overall look of the room.

Style tips

If you are using this carpet for your room, then you can design the room in different ways. You can place a table or beautiful and tall flower vases and candle stands on this carpet, this will enhance the overall look of the room. If you want, then you can also use this carpet in the middle of the room. The bright shade of this carpet will enhance the overall look of the room without occupying much space. Being light in weight, the user can move this carpet from one room to the other. Make sure to keep sharp and hot things away from this home furnishing fabric.

How to maintain

If you want to use this red designer carpet for years, then you need to clean it properly. Before cleaning it, you can take the assistance of the carpet cleaners. They will easily clean the carpet without damaging the fabric. Along with this, for regular cleaning, you can use specially designed carpet cleaning brushes. To remove dust from this carpet, you can also use a vacuum cleaner. This will clean the surface of the carpet without damaging it. While drying the carpet after washing, you need to hang it in the shade. Do not overexpose the carpet to the direct sunlight. This may fade the shade of the carpet. If you are looking for this premium quality carpet for decorating the household interior, then buy Fablooms Red designer carpet online from the comforts of your own home.

Special Features

This carpet has been designed from premium quality polysilk material

The carpet is red in colour and features beautiful work on its surface

The compact size and design helps the user to use this carpet on different types of interiors

Product Details
Brand FabLooms

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