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Combo of Fabiano IC-021 Induction Cooker + Fabiano 5 Pcs Induction Based Cookware Set

Combo of Fabiano IC-021 Induction Cooker + Fabiano 5 Pcs Induction Based Cookware Set

Brand Fabiano
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Product Description

When cooking is no more job and hobby, you have kitchen appliances that are modern, stylish, long lasting and convenient. Cooking is fun when you have the best appliances with multifunctional use that give you satisfaction guaranteed at every cooking experience. Have a hand at Fabiano IC-021 Induction Cooker and make your cooking experience worthwhile.

Fabiano gives you satisfaction in your life with a new and modern look for your kitchen.This attractive appliance has 2000 watts strong fire power with a button control option at your hand. The exterior finish is with a black crystal plate making it look new and trendy. This electric induction cooker is a perfect option for all types of kitchen. With a clear control board, cooking the dish the way you want was never so easier. The Fabiano IC-021 Induction Cooker has 7 cooking functions installed making your cooking process easier and fun to work with. It comes with a 24 hours timer function making you cooking worry-free and multi-tasking with your other daily routine. Until now, it was the gas that dominated all other cooking methods. But the induction cooking has outperformed the gas medium. This induction cooker offers you plentiful performance benefits at your kitchen. It allows you to cook quicker as compared to the gas cooking ranges as heat is directly transferred within the utensil material.

The Fabiano Induction Cooker is user friendly and convenient to use thus helping cook a larger number of dishes in a limited time. Especially at home, when the working woman does not have much time for the family on the gas, this induction cooker comes with time saving solution. This induction cooker also offers safest cooking techniques as your hands are safe than in the gas cooktops. Nonetheless, to satisfy your modern day kitchen needs, you need the choicest set of cookware that is both economic and handy. Understanding your needs, Fabiano IC-021 Induction Cooker comes with a set 5 pieces of cookware to help you meet your various kitchen requirements. It consists of 1 fry pan, 1 saucepan, 1 kadai, 1 tawa and 1 tarka pan. These non-stick and induction base cookware are user-friendly and presentable with its ergonomic design and perfect finishing. Your cooking experience is bound to be more gratifying with this set. So if you are still using the gas range then it is high time that you try this new, safer, cooler and energy efficient way of cooking. Shop this Fabiano Induction Cooker online and get it delivered at your doorstep.

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  • CATEGORY : Induction Cooktops
Product Details
Brand Fabiano

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