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Facets of Indian Culture

Facets of Indian Culture

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Language English
Contributor(s) Kalpana Rajaram, R. Vidya
Binding Paperback
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Paperback, January 1, 2013

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Overview: Facets of Indian Culture

Facets of Indian culture by Kalpana Rajaram and R. Vidya is a book on history and culture. The book is based on a composite study of the diverse cultures in India- its architecture, intellectual traditions, literature and more. Besides, the discussion in the book also looks into the various facets of cultural transformation in modern India. Published by Spectrum Books Pvt. Ltd., on 1st January, 2013, the book is available in English language.

Kalpana Rajaram and R.Vidya describe how the ancient culture of India is complex and its story is interwoven with social realities. There are ten chapters included in the book, each one focusing on one particular facet of the culture of the country. Each chapter is also divided into multiple sections that break down the subject further. The topics include discussions on the introduction of Indian culture; the country's diverse religions and philosophical leanings; music and musical instruments; folk and modern dances; drama; cinema and parallel cinema; art, craft and architecture; literature and language; culture and media; and also how these cultures are preserved by various governmental and private organisations.

The contributors of the book have done in-depth research into the different aspects of the rich cultural heritage of the country. The idea is of this book is to analyse information and come up with the most comprehensive discussions on the various facets of Indian culture; both ancient and modern. The book examines the crucial aspects of cultural transformation that has taken place over the years and how it has changed the overall cultural picture of the country from what it was in the past to what it is in the present. Candidates who are preparing for competitive examinations like civil services will find this book quite helpful.

This book about Indian Culture is most welcoming to those eager to learn about the culture of the country. Besides, the book has received laurels from those preparing for government service entrance examinations, since it includes a lot of details about India and its cultural heritage. This paperback has two ISBN numbers. The ISBN 10 is 8179304779 and ISBN 13 is 9788179304778.
Product Details
Language English
Publication Date January 1, 2013
Publisher Spectrum Books Pvt. Ltd.
Contributor(s) Kalpana Rajaram, R. Vidya
Binding Paperback
ISBN 10 8179304779
ISBN 13 9788179304778
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