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Fancy Centre Fruit Juicer

Fancy Centre Fruit Juicer

Brand Fancy Centre
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Overview: Fancy Centre Fruit Juicer

A fruit juicer makes it easy for you to have healthy fruit juices in the morning. It takes little time to extract juice from vegetables and fruits. Thus the fruit & vegetable juicer from Fancy Centre is a handy kitchen appliance that helps you to maintain a healthy diet. Although the name suggests that this juicer machine is mainly a fruit juicer, you can also use it to extract juice from vegetables. This machine does not require electricity and is hand-operated.

This hand juicer extracts maximum amount of juice

Fancy Centre Fruit Juicer has been designed such that it helps in extracting the maximum amount of juice from vegetables and fruits. This machine can help in extracting juice from different kinds of fruits like pomegranate, orange, lemon, sweet lime, water melon, grapes and pineapple and also from various kinds of vegetables.

This fruit juicer is made of food grade/safe plastic

This hand juicer from Fancy Centre is made of food grade virgin ABS plastic. The blades are made of stainless steel. The parts of this juicer are separable and so you can clean the parts easily enough, without having to face any issues. As the parts of the juicer are detachable, it takes less space to store the appliance.

This product comes with a vacuum base

This hand juicer comes with a vacuum base so that you can practice maximum control over the same. As the machine comes with a vacuum base, it settles firmly on a counter top or a table base. This makes sure that the machine does not skid from the counter top when you are extracting juice from fruits and vegetables.

You can get a free recipe book with the juicer

Other than an instruction manual, there is also a recipe book available along with the juicer set. You can follow this recipe book to mix up various fruits and vegetables to try some new and healthy smoothies and fruit punches.
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Brand Fancy Centre

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