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Far Cry 4 - Limited Edition

Far Cry 4 - Limited Edition

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Product Description

Time to fight against a tyrant with the Far Cry 4 - Limited Edition PC game from Ubisoft. This game is one of the most exciting instalments of the Far Cry franchise. It is about one man's fight against the ruthless dictator of his country. This first person shooter game has both single and multi-player modes, so that you can play missions accordingly. The high-definition graphics make this game stand apart from the rest.

About the Game

This action adventure game is set in a fictional and a wild nation called Kyrat, which is located in the Himalayas. The country is ruled by a self appointed tyrannical king. Ajay Ghale, the protagonist, who comes back to Kyrat from the United States to fulfil his mother's wish. He gets caught up in the middle of a civil war and the rest is whether he succeeds in fulfilling his mother's wish or not.


Ajay Ghale

Born in Kyrat, Ajay moves to the US when he was young and he is now back in Kyrat to fulfil his mother's last wish. He gets caught up in the civil war between the dictator and a group of revolutionaries by the name Golden Path, started by his parents.

Pagan Min

The ruthless dictator of Kyrat, who is also known for his charisma. He is a Hong Kong native, who came into Kyrat with his own army and took control of it. This self-appointed king rules the country with an iron grip, and is obsessed with self image and his past.


You will get to use many different types of weapons, ranging from the traditional kukri blade to modern firearms. Some of them are

Auto Cross Bow

A silent and accurate weapon and the best choice for secret missions.

Flame Thrower

Spits flame and roasts anything it comes in touch with, be it opium fields or honey badgers.


This unique knife is used as a farming tool as well as a killer weapon in the Himalayas.


The German-made machine gun that made itself a fierce reputation during the World War 2. It is also known as "Hitler's Buzz Saw"


This comes in handy, when you are outnumbered by your enemies. You can use it safely from a distance and decimate your enemies.


A deadly and accurate assault rifle, with a great rate of fire.

Vector. 45ACP

A low recoil sub machine gun with a high rate of fire and greater stopping power. You will need it for close quarter combat.


Going around Kyrat is not simple, due to its varied landscapes and biomes, so at times you may have to forget about using cars or tuk-tuks and ride on elephants, or fly in a gyrocopter and in some cases use a wing-suit to reach your destination.


With the map browser, you can always pick the map of your choice and go on an endless adventure. You will find extraction, assault and other different maps; and you will also come across maps designed by players around the world.


You can either play this in a single player or new drop-in/drop-out cooperative play to include your friends and have fun.

It is time to kick ass with Far Cry 4 - Limited Edition.

Product Features

  • Expansive, immersive open-world first-person shooter
  • Based in Kyrat, a breathtaking region of the Himalayas
  • The region is struggling under a despotic self-appointed king
  • Features a vast array of weapons, vehicles and animals
  • Write your own story across an exotic open-world landscape

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Overall Rating 4.3 out of 5 stars
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