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Far Cry 4-Limited Edition (Xbox 360)

Far Cry 4-Limited Edition (Xbox 360)

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Overview: Far Cry 4-limited Edition

Far Cry 4 is a first person shooter game that is a complete package of action and adventure. It is the fourth instalment in the Far Cry series. The game is developed by Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft. This Limited Edition Far Cry 4 is designed for Xbox 360 platform.


FC4 takes place in a fictional country called Kyrat, which is a breathtaking, perilous and a wild region in Himalayas. You will play as Ajay Ghale, the main protagonist. After the death of his mother, Ajay wants to fulfil her last wish by spreading her ashes in Kyrat. Pagan Min is the main antagonist of FC4, a tyrannical leader for the region Kyrat. Min is a self-appointed king and rules Kyrat as a brutal dictator, employing unwise governors to exploit the people and capture the land resources for his personal motives. Min's right hand woman is Yuma, who is a noxious negotiator and general of the Royal Army.

After reaching Kyrat, he finds out that he had got struck in the civil war between the natives of Kyrat and Pagan Min's Royal Army. Ajay does not have any option other than to participate in the action adventure.


The dynamic open world of Kyrat will let the players explore a systemic world with updated weapons and vehicles. Each and every second will give the player unpredictable events and make them step on danger. The single player mode can be more interesting and adventurous while you encounter the enemies. Also experience the drop-in or drop-out co-op mode. Take a friend along with you to Kyrat and experience of scouting from above the gyrocopter or hunting on back of a wild elephant. Explore the vast dynamic world filled with stirring features that are as real as in real life.

This limited edition game will let the players get access to three single-player missions, which will allow you to go on a quest in search for priceless artefact with the character Hurk from the previous series, Far Cry 3. The player will also get the access to a unique weapon, the Impaler. Impaler is a whale harpoon gun with which the players can shoot to spear their enemies up any wall and to target the helicopters. Another interesting feature of this game is that it will gain access to unlock the monkeys to seek the map of the game.


FC4 will feature more weapons such as traditional kukri blade to the high-impact mortar. The auto cross bow is an accurate and silent weapon. Kukri is a deadly weapon that can chop down the jungle downfalls as well as the enemies at equal ease. Mortar is something that can blow off more enemies from far away. Also, Vector .45 ACP, P416, MG-42 and Flame Thrower are the other weapons, from which you can choose the right one for your task.

Far Cry 4 is a complete fun and enthralling game with plenty of features.

Features: Far Cry 4-limited Edition

  • Expansive, immersive open-world first-person shooter
  • Based in Kyrat, a breathtaking region of the Himalayas
  • The region is struggling under a despotic self-appointed king
  • Features a vast array of weapons, vehicles and animals
  • Write your own story across an exotic open-world landscape

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