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Far Cry 4 Xbox One

Far Cry 4 Xbox One

ESRB Rating Adults Only
Platform X-Box One
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Overview: Far Cry 4 Xbox One

Far Cry4 is a single or multiplayer first-person shooter video game for Xbox One. This action-adventure game is developed by Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft. Far Cry 4 is the fourth instalment in the Far Cry game series and is set in the fictional country called Kyrat located in the Himalayas.


Kyrat is a wild nation in Himalayas that is filled with traditions and violence. The main protagonist of the story, Ajay Ghale, is returning to his birthplace to fulfil his mother's dying wish of spreading her ashes in that country. There he finds himself caught in the civil war of the country. The region is governed by a self-appointed king and Ghale has to confront the dictator who causes havoc across the land. The country is filled with dangerous and unpredictable events that make every second more interesting.


The gameplay of Far Cry 4 is similar to that of previous versions, though the game will focus more on hunting wild animals. The addition of unique weapons and vehicles are something that will pace up the plot. Combining story-telling and gameplay, this game has loads of new features. Far Cry 4 lets you ride on the back of a six-ton elephant. The FC4 Limited Edition includes three single-player missions along with Hurk, the NPC character from Far Cry 3. Also the new weapon, the Impaler, is a type of harpoon gun that lets you target helicopter and combat from distance. A unique feature of the limited edition is that it will allow the player to gain access to unlock monkeys to seek the map of the game.

Action Packed Game

As a player, you will find yourself in between the war field against the tyrannical regime of Pagan Min. He is known for his personality and sense of style as for his brutal nature. Steeping through the vast open world, you will find yourself fighting against this oppressive king as a rebel. Each and every move will give a new dimension to Kyrat. You can explore more of the wild and conquer as you move forward. Also, ride from the back of a 6-ton elephant, hunt down the outposts and drop down explosives from moving gyrocopter. Enjoy the breathtaking, perilous and wild sights of Kyrat. Fight, hunt and explore is what you will do in the game. Fun, exciting and thrilling, this game lets you play your own way.


Ajay Ghale is the main protagonist, who was born in Kyrat and brought up in United States. But, now, Ajay has to return to Kyrat to fulfil his mother's dying wish that is to spread her ashes down on Kyrat. Pagan Min, a tyrannical leader of Kyrat, is a self-appointed king and rules Kyrat as a brutal dictator by employing unwise governors to exploit the people. He wants to capture the land resources for his personal intention. Yuma is Min's right hand and deadly diplomat and General of the Royal Army.

Incredible graphics and heart-tugging storyline will let you imagine that you are living in the wild world of Kyrat.

Product Details
ESRB Rating Adults Only
Platform X-Box One

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