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Farlin Safety Bed Rail
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Farlin Safety Bed Rail

Brand Farlin
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Overview: Farlin Safety Bed Rail

The transitional period of your baby ? from being an infant, who sleeps in a crib, to a toddler who requires a proper bed to sleep ? is very important. You should be extra careful while choosing his accessories or furniture pieces to decorate the interior of his room, since your kid starts becoming independent during this period. He sometimes prefers to eat alone, take a shower without your assistance, or sleep alone in his newly-assigned bedroom. You have to make sure your kid can enjoy his newfound sense of independence safely. This Farlin - Safety Bed Rail is one such accessory that strengthens the safety and security of your little one while he is sleeping alone in his bed.

Easy to assemble and remove

This safety bed rail can be assembles very easily. Just follow the instruction manual thoroughly, before you install this safety rail, on the side of your kids' bed. You can also easily remove this safety rail. In case you need to install it on another bed, you can do that without much effort. However, you should be careful while installing or removing this safety rail, lest you damage its parts, especially the hinges. This safety rail is available for online purchase in India. If you are planning to buy this one or any of the other available safety rails online, take the help of to know which retailer sells this product at the lowest possible price on the internet.

Rubber arm-tip, to provide your baby with comfort as well as safety

Sometimes while sleeping, your baby can't control the movements of his limbs. In case he puts an arm or a leg across it, while sleeping, the arm-tip made of rubber will provide him with protection, and make sure he doesn't get hurt as a result of his arm rubbing inadvertently against the rail.

Easy to fold along bedside

You can fold this safety rail along the side of your bed. When your baby wakes up, help him get out of bed by folding this rail down, along the same side of the bed.

Features: Farlin Safety Bed Rail

  • 106 cm Width X 43 cm Height, Protects your little from falling off the bed
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Brand Farlin

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