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1x Fashionable Black Unisex Womens Man Hedgehog Spike Punk Backpack Kid Spiky College Tablet Campus School Bag

1x Fashionable Black Unisex Womens Man Hedgehog Spike Punk Backpack Kid Spiky College Tablet Campus School Bag

Brand Astra Depot
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Product Description

Among all the everyday products that we use, we cannot definitely underestimate the use of bags. Bags are one of the most important accessory that one needs. Every other person needs a bag some day or the other. People are very fashion conscious these days. From the clothes they wear to what they carry is of prime concern. A good bag will always add weight to your entire personality. Various kinds of bags are found in the market. From elders to children, they all are conscious about the kind of bag they carry. Children and teens these days are all the more conscious about the kind of bags they carry while going to school or colleges. Astra Depot has come up this amazing range of super cool bags that the present generation people will love. It is called 1x Fashionable Black Unisex Hedgehog Spike Punk Backpack Kid and Spiky College Tablet Campus School Bag. This product is available in the market and you can shop online with great ease.


Astra Depot is well known for the kind of products that they offer. It is a very reliable brand. The quality of the products by Astra Depot is mention worthy. The products are designed and manufactured with great care and preciseness. The designers are experts and with great expertise they make sure to produce goods. The makers pay utmost importance on manufacturing top class products. The customer service provided by the brand is also worth mentioning. They totally focus on customer satisfaction. Their products can be bought without any doubt.


1x Fashionable Black Unisex Hedgehog Spike Punk Backpack Kid and Spiky College Tablet Campus School Bag by Astra Depot is a whole new kind of bag. It is made of a high quality PU Leather and Nylon. The design is very offbeat. It has a unique hedgehog design back design. It can be used for school purpose at the same time can be carried anywhere outside. The entire look of the bag is very attractive. It has such an edgy feel. Not only style wise but at the same time it is very spacious. It is very comfortable to carry. You can easily carry laptops and all kinds of things. The quality of the bag is so good that it can carry a fair amount of load. It has two compartments inside for carrying laptop. It is very handy. The spikes give a very new and a fresh feel. It definitely makes an awesome style statement. It has a very interesting spiky design which is bound to make it attractive. There is two additional storage zipper pouch provided to store small things. The shoulder straps are adjustable which makes it more convenient and comfortable to be used. There are also TPU straps and buckles which makes it possible to tighten in the waist and chest according to one's comfort. This product is totally worth buying.



BRAND: Astra Depot

SIZE: H 19" x W 17" (48cm x 43cm)

MATERIAL: PU Leather and Nylon



Bags are used on a very daily basis. They are the most essential item that we need everyday. It carries a lot of things. The kind of bags you carry does reflect a lot on your overall personality. This hedgehog bag is very cool and at the same time very comfortable. Children can carry this awesome bag to school everyday and young people can carry this bag to college often. This bag is a great fashion statement and can be carried anywhere. You can carry it when you travel too. The maintenance of the bag is very easy. The bag is made of ultimate PU leather. It can be washed occasionally. It is recommended to hand wash it. Do not machine wash. It is better to dry the bag in the conventional style, that is, open in the air. Do not tumble dry it. Do not overload the bag and keep it away from heat and liquid. If the material of the bag gets stained you can wipe it with a cotton cloth. This amazing bag is definitely a cut above the rest. It is definitely a worth buy.

Product Details
Manufacturer Astra Depot
Manufacturer Part Number B03-002-2
Brand Astra Depot

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