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Fc Female Condom - Pack Of 3

Fc Female Condom - Pack Of 3

Target Gender Female
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Overview: Fc Female Condom - Pack Of 3

Female condoms when used consistently and correctly are believed to be a reliable and protective tool against sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancy. Buy this first and only FDA approved contraceptive, FC female condom pack of three and share the responsibility for the condoms with your partner. It is a great alternative if your partner is unwilling to use a condom. It can be inserted hours before the intercourse so you don't have to deal with any interruption of sexual spontaneity. It is made of polyurethane and thus it is ideal for those with sensitivities to latex. These condoms are not affected the dampness of fluctuations in temperature. It is also believed to stimulate the clitoris (especially the external ring).

Enjoyable Female Condoms

It is the preferred choice of a number of women mainly because it feels natural as it quickly warms up to your body temperature. It gives a man a natural sensation and also there is no need to consult a doctor before you start using FC female condoms as they are hormones-free and do not affect your body. It works just as the male condom does and completely blocks sperm and the bacteria that cause STD's. You can use it when you are lying down, squatting or have one leg on a chair. You need to hold the closed end of the condom and squeeze the inner ring between your thumb and middle finger. To insert the condom into your vagina, keep your index finger on the inner ring. You can use your other hand to separate the folds of the skin around your vagina and put the squeezed ring into your vagina. Push it up as far as you can - till it is just above your pubic bone. To remove it, you need to twist the outer ring so the semen stays inside and pull the condom out gently. Browse for female condoms at We strive to make it easy for you to access sellers and product reviews, seller ratings, and personalized recommendations as well.

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Target Gender Female

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