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Maang Tikka Featuring Traditional Design, Austrian Diamonds s35
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Maang Tikka Featuring Traditional Design, Austrian Diamonds s35

Brand Prakruthifashion
Metal Type Base Metal
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Overview: Maang Tikka Featuring Traditional Design, Austrian Diamonds s35

A typically Indian hair ornament placed on the bride's hairline with a drop pendant that sits gracefully on the forehead is known as a Mangtika. It is an essential element of the traditional 16 bridal adornments. It beholds a lot of religious significance as well. The Mangtika sits on the 6th chakra of the forehead, as according to Hindu mythology, it depicts the third eye or the power of the soul. The centre of the forehead where the Mangtika is strategically placed signifies one's ability to control emotion and the power of concentration. The vintage and archaic appeal of the jewellery makes it also a piece of fashion statement and has been widely used by various fashion houses across the world. Prakruthifashion has brought to you a fashionable stone engrafted Mangtika which will add glamour to your outlook in leaps and bounds. You can shop online Traditional Stone Engrafted Mangtika by Prakruthifashion and look the prettiest on your special day.

Product description

This Mangtika is made of a beautiful ensemble of white and pink Australian stones. This Mangtika is made of base metal with gold plating and given a traditional tear drop motif. The trail that hooks to the hair is engrafted with small alternate white and pink stone spheres. Three rows of paired leaves fall from the trail in two different colours. The first pair of leaves is studded with pink stones and the second with white and the third in pink again. From this drops the white stone engrafted teardrop motif in between which a traditional design is made with pink stones. The outer rim is studded with small pink stone studded orbs which are ascended by small teardrop motifs studded with white and pink stones in a row. The white and pink stone over gold plating and a tinge of indigenous designs gives it the perfect traditional look. This Mangtika is 15 cm long thus fitting perfectly on the forehead.

How to wear

The traditional Mangtika is worn with the hair mid parted. Using a comb, you need to part down the mid of your hair. Make sure to part your hair straight. Make a simple bun to hold your hair firmly. Secure with bobby pins after you twist your hair into a coil. Now place the Mangtika in such a way that the chain flows through the parting in your hair and the ornament sits in your forehead 1-2 inches below the hairline. Secure the chain in the hair at the end. The end of the trail has a hook through which you need to put a bobby pin and pin it up with the hair. Secure the front of the Mangtika with a bobby pin also so that they do not move but make sure not to show the pin. You can use hair sprays to hold the style in place through the function. Apart from this way also, you can wear your Mangtika in different styles.  Mangtika can also be worn with full back brush or side parting depending on the occasion and the look that you want to sport.

Style tip

To look gorgeous, you can team up the Mangtika with a sari or a salwar suit. If you are wearing a sari with heavy work on it, to highlight the Mangtika avoid wearing any neckpiece. You can consider wearing a small ear tub if you are teaming this Mangtika with a neckpiece. Style your accessories in such a way that the Mangtika is highlighted and on the same time you do not look very much decorated. If you are a sport for out of the way fashion wearing, then you can try wearing this piece with casual or western gowns as well.  


To keep your stone engrafted Mangtika primp and proper, you will need mild detergent, distilled water kept at room temperature, a microfiber cloth, a mixing bowl and lint free cotton towel. With lukewarm water, mix the detergent and soak the Mangtika for about five to ten minutes and wipe it using the cotton towel. After the dirt accumulation has been wiped away, rinse it thoroughly. Remember to check if the soap residues have been rinsed. When it is fully clean, wipe it dry with a microfiber cloth. Immediately after applying perfume, hair sprays or hand creams, it's recommended that you do not wear the jewellery. Don't wear the jewellery at the time of bathing, exercising or while sleeping. This will put unnecessary stress on the stones and cause extra wear and tear. Never put your Mangtika in a dishwasher or a machine of any type. Exposure to high temperature will cause the crystals to expand and then crack. If you use abrasive detergent, it will turn the crystals cloudy and the golden polish will fade. Remember not to place your jewellery in any sonic cleaners, hot boiling water or commercial jewellery cleaners. They tend to contain high amounts of alcohol or ammonia in them which can be very dangerous for the crystals and the golden plating.

You can also possess this gorgeous Mangtika to wear on a wedding or a party. For all the jewellery lovers, this can also be a gifting option for any occasion. You can buy online Traditional Stone Engrafted Mangtika by Prakruthifashion and look the prettiest in any of the functions.

Product Details
Brand Prakruthifashion
Metal Type Base Metal

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