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Fermat's Last Theorem

Fermat's Last Theorem

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Language English
Contributor(s) Simon Singh
Binding Paperback
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Overview: Fermat's Last Theorem

The extraordinary story of the solving of a puzzle that has confounded mathematicians since the 17th century. The solution of Fermat’s Last Theorem is the most important mathematical development of the 20th century.In 1963 a schoolboy browsing in his local library stumbled across the world’s greatest mathematical problem: Fermat’s Last Theorem, a puzzle that every child can understand but which has baffled mathematicians for over 300 years. Aged just ten, Andrew Wiles dreamed that he would crack it.Wiles’s lifelong obsession with a seemingly simple challenge set by a long-dead Frenchman is an emotional tale of sacrifice and extraordinary determination. In the end, he was forced to work in secrecy and isolation for seven years, harnessing all the power of modern mathematics to achieve his childhood dream. Many before him had tried and failed, including a 18-century philanderer who was killed in a duel, and an 18-century Frenchwoman who had to attend maths lectures at the Ecole Polytechnique disguised as a man.A remarkable story of human endeavour and intellectual brilliance over three centuries, ‘Fermat‘s Last Theorem’ will fascinate both specialist and general readers.

Features: Fermat's Last Theorem

  • Science
Product Details
Language English
Publication Date July 7, 2011
Publisher Harper Perennial
Contributor(s) Simon Singh
Binding Paperback
Page Count 368
ISBN 10 000745306X
ISBN 13 9780007453061
Dimensions and Weight
Product Dimensions 13 cm x 19.7 cm
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