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Fidato Leather Wallet + Men Belt

Fidato Leather Wallet + Men Belt

Brand Fidato
Material Leather
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Product Description

If you are looking for a leather wallet and a belt that are both black in colour, then you must check out the Fidato Leather Wallet + Men Belt. This combo pack contains a black leather belt with a stainless steel buckle and a black wallet with many compartments in it. The combo pack is not only convenient but also allows you to order both the accessories at the same time without having to hunt for each separately. You can wear the belt whenever you wear black shoes and you will be able to carry the wallet all the time. So what are you waiting for? Shop for Fidato Leather Wallet + Men Belt online today and get the combo pack delivered to your doorstep.

The Black Belt

From a requisite to a fashion statement, belts are an imperative part of every stylish man's wardrobe. The major purpose of a belt is to hold your trousers in place so that they do not fall off. However, today the reasons for wearing a belt have more to do with fashion than necessity. The black belt from Fidato is made faux leather. This makes it sturdy and thus it will last a really long time. The black belt has a matte finish on its body which makes it an excellent option for formal wear. This is a belt that does not have any fancy design on it and thus it can be worn to the office or to any semi-formal occasion. This classy and elegant men's black leather belt can be paired with a pair of black shoes or boots. The buckle is silver in colour and it perfectly complements the rest of the belt. Unlike belts with golden buckles, the silver colour of this particular belt lasts longer and thus you will not have to worry about replacing the buckle any time soon. The men's belt from Fidato has a number of holes punched in it. Thus you will be able to adjust it according to the size of your waist. The leather wallet is durable and can be worn to college or to office on a regular basis.

The Wallet

The wallet of this combo pack has multiple pockets that will hold your money, debit and credit cards and also your coins. The wallet is made of leather and thus it is durable. The wallet has one major compartment where you will be able to keep your money. The compartment is big enough to hold bigger notes without crumbling them. The wallet also has two interior open pockets. These pockets will be able to hold your credit and debit cards and they will fit easily. This way you will not have to struggle to get them out of the wallet. The wallet also contains an inner pocket with a zipper. There is a compartment where you will be able to keep your coins as well. The leather wallet looks good and is a high utility product that is a must-have for you. So what are you waiting for? Buy the Fidato Leather Wallet + Men Belt online today.

Key Features

The belt is made of faux leather.

The belt has a steel buckle.

The wallet material is leather.

The wallet has one main compartment, two interior open pockets, one pocket with a zipper and one pocket for coins.

Product Details
Brand Fidato
Material Leather

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