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Fifty Shades of Grey

Fifty Shades of Grey

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Language English
Binding Paperback
Publisher RHUK
About the Book: Fifty Shades of Grey The surprise best-seller hit that everyone is talking about: warning, the book will seduce you into submission The book everyone has talking about, When literature student Anastasia Steele goes to interview prosperous entrepreneur Christian Grey, she is both terribly attracted to and afraid of this towering tycoon. Sure that their encounter did not go well, she attempts to forget him - till he lands up at the store where she has a part-time job, and asks her out. Naïve and unschooled in the ways of the world, Ana is astonished by her own desires when she realizes she wants this man. And, when he begins to warn her to stay away from him, it only increases her desire for him. This is no perfect love story, however. Grey suffers from the need to dominate and control everything, and struggles with a plethora of inner demons. Their passionate affair throws up not just the secrets of Ana's desires, but also the shadowy secrets Grey locks away from th ... See more
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Overall Rating 3.6 out of 5 stars
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  1.  A fresh burst of sexuality in the name of erotica 14 November, 2013 On
    Prior to this, erotica was hardly a recognized genre in books. E.L.James changed all concepts with Fifty Shades of Grey and the following books in this series. What I really love about the story is the way the characters have been shaped and gradually moulded into very powerful ones. The story is not extraordinary but something you would never find in a usual contemporary work of fiction. Also the way the author has handled sexuality without getting obscene is commendable indeed. There were instances where Anastasia Steele was victimized by Christian Grey for hss guilty pleasures and the way the concept of BDSM has been portrayed here is unusually fresh and brilliant. No wonder they call this entire series mommy porn but it is actually not so. Today, sexuality is on everyone's mind and if someone can handle it without getting vulgar, he deserves mention. So is the case with E.L.James and Fifty Shades of Grey. If someone does not finds it a huge deal reading erotica, this book is definitely worth reading, to understand the changing face of fiction and erotica. It is time to move over the classic Mills and Boons series and give a chance to more refined storytelling, contemporary narratives and unusually fresh romance. Now that people tend to be more liberal than before, they can surely not refrain from reading Fifty Shades of Grey. This book had created a huge hype when launched and I feel that truly there was enough reason for that hype and that this book has been able to live up to that hype.
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  2.  Book review: Fifty Shades of Grey 29 March, 2014 On
    Which series offers sold above 45 mil duplicates world-wide as well as overtaken Harry Potter along with the Da Vinci Program code to be your fastest selling publication in nations similar to the united kingdom? 50 Tones connected with Gray, certainly.
    This book is usually categorised as lusty fictional works, in which I am sure the phrase ‘erotic’ is needed from the loosest impression on the word. If lusty passages are generally supposed to induce the extremely difficult mix of disbelief, cringing as well as inadvertent hilarity subsequently, of course, 50 Tones connected with Gray may be the many lusty story actually composed. Frankly, so far, I did definitely not believe it had been doable in order to wince, guffaw, as well as mill our enamel with exact same period.
    There is also undoubtedly that the book is usually fantastic because it has a suspension connected with disbelief which i imagine your man brain isn’t unexciting enough to deal with. My business is unsure which your 45 mil people who ordered that book are generally, however possibly the usa is usually trying out more fresh strategies to torture people currently being used intended for terrorism or even 50 Tones connected with Gray is basically loved by your stoner audience.
    This book is usually instructed from your standpoint of an 22-year-old scholar Anastasia “Ana” Steele which, whilst conducting a favour to be with her good friend Katherine Kavanagh, satisfies 27-year-old businessman Orlando Gray and so they create a mutual appeal. After having a longwinded courtship, that they ultimately get involved in a very far more actual connection. To begin with, his or her actual relationships are generally limited by frequent sexual participate in. Ana, who may have small sexual expertise, not even solo, finds Orlando impressive, as well as by way of your ex extends to a sexual arising. However issues get free from manage when they utilize BDSM.
    To help his or her credit score, Orlando is extremely sensitive in order to Ana’s actual wants and is also both equally conscious as well as effective with sexually attractive Ana. Sad to say, being a man audience, that’s the only positive or even reasonable factor I am able to state about it character.
    Apart from that, just what 50 Tones connected with Gray offers educated me is usually which i might need to always be incredibly good looking, in peak fitness, a billionaire, a philanthropist, able to fluently talk unusual languages, train with traveling by air aircrafts, are the world’s greatest partner as well as, in addition to all that, always be remarkably gifted, in order to entice Ana. Sure, I’d primarily must be Batman.
    However as you move the depiction connected with Orlando Gray as getting some sort of superhuman may be perfectly tolerable being a woman’s wonderland, his or her characterisation creates your ex rather unlikable. Not just is usually Orlando mentally far-away, rude or obnoxious as well as dark, he or she is manipulative as well as borderline psychotic in stalking Ana. And for the gentleman accountable for a big company, he / she may seem to commit almost no time in fact doing work.
    Conversely, Ana is usually also fewer nice being a remarkably neurotic as well as unconfident lady, who may have never been romantically keen on other people until eventually she found a person similar to Orlando which just interests the girl on a " light " degree.
    50 Tones connected with Gray is usually improperly composed, which far too into a unexpected level. Two times, My spouse and i halted reading through to test basically had been deluded during my invest in or even regardless of whether My spouse and i had been reading through a realistic e-book. That isn’t unexpected given that that very first story from the trilogy by means of United kingdom article author EL John commenced as lusty fan fictional works for that The twilight series fable.
    Apart from the weak characterisation, the writer wouldn't perform the girl investigation appropriately as well as utilized lots of United kingdom colloquialisms that seem unusual currently being verbal with the book’s Us heroes. A whole lot worse however would be the content that replicate by themselves together with these kinds of volume, such as 58 is important on the term ‘inner goddess’, which i question when the article author fixed cutting corners intended for common keyword phrases on her behalf computer keyboard.
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  3.  A bit above average!!! 28 November, 2013 On
    Good for some who are looking for a mindless romance. This is book 1 and you will be introduced to the characters but in a good old fashioned way. The only thing that I liked in the book was the way Grey works her way around Anastasia. The erotics is good in the beginning and middle but through the end you will clearly notice that it is getting a bit repetitive. The writer spends a lot many pages around the first few days where he meets her, pursue her and they end up in bed.

    Characters are weak and except the sexual prowess of Mr. Grey and "submissive" nature of Ana you would not find anything out of ordinary in them.

    For me it was an average read.
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  4.  Interesting novel based on sexual life of a couple. 21 January, 2014 On
    When i was start reading the novel Fifty Shades of Grey by E L james i cant stop myself to read this novel until i finished the starting 30 pages.It is a very interesting novel based on seduction and wild sexual life of a couple.The author gives a soulful writing efforts to make this.
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  5.  nice book 8 December, 2013 On
    this book is fantastic to improve that how to maintain relation with others and even to check your self that how u are, go to learn that every yellow thing is not GOLD
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     In love with this book ! 23 November, 2013 On
    Sweet bondage: despite its sadomaochistic theme, Fifty Shades of Grey is engagingly innocent

    Fifty Shades of Grey is the huge erotic breakout novel of the digital download revolution. The idea is that anyone can write on the internet, build their popularity, then get properly published and downloaded on to Kindles and Kobos, so no one has to sit on a train showing the world they're reading about the best ropes for tying a virgin to a chair (natural filament, apparently).

    Originally evolving through online slash/fic (fan-published erotic writing at the creepier end of the internet, where Ron Weasley and Harry discover their true feelings for one another and so forth) between Edward and Bella of Twilight, Fifty Shades of Grey is now a fully realised trilogy, with Christian Grey as the pretty vampire – sorry, dominant – and Anastasia Steele as his feisty yet innocent partner.

    It turns out that Christian Grey isn't a moony vampire at all; he is, in fact, the grey-templed, uber-rich and powerful businessman played by Richard Gere in Pretty Woman. He plays the piano, doesn't like to be touched, loves opera, orders Ana everything from the breakfast menu, makes the rules, doesn't want a relationship, buys her new clothes, stays in a huge suite in a posh hotel and so on.

    More of a Frankenstein's monster than a Dracula, the book is similarly stitched together – the flirtatious emails are straight from Bridget Jones; Christian's apartment is, bizarrely, Frasier Crane's Seattle penthouse, floor-length windows, grand piano and all (I kept expecting Eddie to arrive and do something amusing on the expensive furniture); the glider ride is from The Thomas Crown Affair; and the sex owes a debt to Anne Rice – but the Sleeping Beauty novels rather than the vamps.

    The fact that a middle-aged woman has written it is also often evident. There's a 21-year-old American college student in 2011 who's never used the internet or received an email, and two chapters are given over to a legal contract explaining how all the really naughty stuff – fisting, caning, sleeping with other people, and so on – won't actually be happening.

    To a huge extent, though, this is the novel's charm. Its innocence and freshness are reflected in its heroine, whose litany of "holy crap!" and "holy Moses", once you can get over the Sarah Palinness of it, are rather endearing. The sole "erotic" thing anyone ever does is bite or play with their bottom lip, and Christian, is, frankly, a bit of a nobber in both senses.

    While the idea is that now nobody knows what you are reading on your e-reader you can download anything you like, in fact there is hardly any sex in this book. (Certainly less than in most Alan Hollinghurst novels.) There are pages and pages of obsessing over the relationship and getting drunk and having stuff bought for you, like the worst stereotypes of chick lit, with, very occasionally, a bit of zipless bonking.

    Statistically, you're extremely unlikely to get embarrassed if someone glances at this over your shoulder – while it may be highly titillating to more conservative US audiences, readers of Black Lace, the naughtier Mills & Boon imprints or Shirley Conran will find it puzzlingly tame. More of a problem, practically speaking, is that the heroine has nine orgasms every time Christian walks past her in a strong breeze, which makes her journey to self-discovery vastly less interesting than it might have been.

    But I liked it, and here is why. A woman chose to write it, and did so from the safety of her kitchen table. Nobody had to get naked to pay rent; nobody was forced into anything, Tulisa didn't have to go on YouTube, crying.

    It's readable, and often funny; miles more enjoyable than those miserable "literary" erotic books (if anyone had any fun in The Secret life of Catherine M, I clearly missed it, never mind – heaven forbid – Wetlands). It is jolly, eminently readable and as sweet and safe as BDSM (bondage, discipline, sadism and masochism) erotica can be without contravening the trade descriptions act. If this is the future of publishing, things could be a lot worse.
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     Hilarious Parody of Fifty Shades of Grey 26 August, 2012 On
    There's a very funny parody called Fifty Shades of Black and Blue (available on Junglee)

    “Hilarious parody!”
    “It had me tingling all over!”
    “I dumped my husband after I read this book – thank you!!!”
    “Black and Blue is the new Grey!”

    Hilarious, erotic and nice, not-so-clean fun, Fifty Shades of Black and Blue is the bestselling parody everyone is talking about.
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