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Financial Management: Text, Problems and Cases

Financial Management: Text, Problems and Cases

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Language English
Contributor(s) M.Y. Khan, P K Jain
Binding Paperback
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Overview: Financial Management: Text

Effectively managing the finances and using them to accomplish the targets of your organization is the key to growth and the techniques best suited for them are listed in M.Y. Khan and P K Jain's Financial Management:Text, Problems and Cases. The latest edition of this textbook ensures that it has all the theories, various concepts and skilled techniques which broaden the horizon of the students. To ensure that students have in depth understanding of concepts of financial management the authors offer mini cases, multiple choice questions, a CD, spreadsheet solutions which can really offer insight into the subject and make them more confident.

To offer aide to the future decision makers of our economy, the authors, have structured the book around financial decision making. They have even offered various chapters dealing with important topics like financial management, organisation of the finance function, time value of money, profit planning, cost control, etc. On reading and understanding these topics, the students will learn the ability to apply different financial formulas, principles and techniques which can help them analyze situations with accuracy. To enable students to understand the implications of their financial decisions, the authors have incorporated review exercises too at the end of every chapter with some real time Indian situations which again gives the students a reality check.

The others books by the author duo include Management Accounting:Text, Problems and Cases, Basic Financial Management, Cost Accounting that have been helping the students and preparing them for upcoming challenges. M.Y. Khan and P K Jain whose books are widely sorted after by students are also appreciated by experienced teachers and many practising financial executives who have appreciated the modest solutions and educating method of the Indian author duo. The text of their books is simple and lucid with various examples citied at regular intervals to clear the subject as comprehensively as possible. One should shop online for their copy now that would help them throughout their careers offering answers as well as suggestions for approaching a specific situation. This paperback book is listed online with the ISBN-10:007106785X and ISBN-13:978-0071067850.

Features: Financial Management: Text

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Product Details
Language English
Publication Date February 7, 2011
Publisher McGraw Hill Education
Contributor(s) M.Y. Khan, P K Jain
Binding Paperback
Edition 6
Page Count 1404
ISBN 10 007106785X
ISBN 13 9780071067850
Dimensions and Weight
Product Weight 1.9 kg
Product Dimensions 18.7 cm x 24.4 cm x 6.8 cm
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