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Firefox / Heartbreak Ridge (Two-Movie Collection) [Blu-ray]

Firefox / Heartbreak Ridge (Two-Movie Collection) [Blu-ray]

Format Blu-ray
Blu-ray Regions Region Free
Actor(s) Clint Eastwood
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Product Description

The Firefox and Heartbreak Ridge combo brings together both science-fiction and wartime grit and determination.Heartbreak Ridge: Released in 1986, Clint Eastwood was the producer-director of this American war film, which also featured him. The film is based on the American invasion of Grenada by a group of Marines in 1983, and was shot, in part, on the island. To keep the music authentic, one of the scene's featured the 1st Marine Division Band.

The movie received positive reviews for its lively and authentic depiction of war and action, through both its cinematography and dialogue. Clint Eastwood's gritty depiction of a hardcore marine veteran, whipping his team into a tough shape, was also praised. Firefox: Another Clint Eastwood starrer that was also produced and directed by him, Firefox was set in the Cold War. For its time, it was among the most expensive movies to be shot (with a production budget of $21 million), of which $20 million was for on special effects). Firefox is the name of a thought-controlled fighter jet, which the Soviet Union has developed to fend off American forces during the Cold War. The plane can reach Mach 6 speeds without showing up on radar, Air Force Major Mitchell Gant (played by Eastwood) attemps to steal it from the Soviet Union, and fly it back to America to get a strategic advantage in the war.

Product Features

Product Details
Publication Date June 7, 2011
Theatrical Release Date June 7, 2011
Format Blu-ray
Blu-ray Regions Region Free
Actor(s) Clint Eastwood
No of Discs 2
Runtime 236 minutes
Studio Warner Home Video
Dimensions and Weight
Product Weight 167.8 grams
Product Dimensions 16.5 cm x 13.3 cm x 0.8 cm

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