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Flamingo Quadripod Walking Stick

Flamingo Quadripod Walking Stick

Flavour Easy lock pin height adjustable
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Overview: Flamingo Quadripod Walking Stick

Have you had a leg injury recently and having problem balancing your body? You could probably make use of a stick to support your body balance well. We bring to you Flamingo Quadripod Walking Stick, which is suitable for use by both old and young people for stability while walking. Whether you are suffering from a poor balance or you have an aching leg, to provide you with constant support and help you walk better without hurting your leg further, this walking stick is a great solution.

This walking stick has been enabled with an adjustable height system along with an easy pin lock to help you set the stick according to your height needs. The product also comes equipped with a handle which fits your hand perfectly ensuring you a comfortable hold and balanced walk without causing any hurt to your leg. This stick also comes with a rubber based four leg design which ensures that your stick does not slip while you walk. This ensures safety for you while walking on wet or any kind of slippery surface.

This stick is a perfect choice for old people who are suffering from problems such as arthritis, pain in the joints of their legs and instability while walking. Providing constant support to your entire body this product is sure to keep you safe even as you walk with a striking pain. Helping your body improve its stability, this product is also strongly recommended by doctors as well. Whether it is about protecting you from falling down, providing your body with support or helping in ailing your weak leg bones, this product acts as a constant support. You can shop online for this amazing product available only at Junglee. Also ensure to make you pick from a range of sellers listed on our site and avail the most interesting offers.

Product Details
Brand Flamingo
Flavour Easy lock pin height adjustable
Warranty 7 Days Seller Warranty Against Any Manufacturing Defects Only

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