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Flat Surface Glass Cleaning Microfiber

Flat Surface Glass Cleaning Microfiber

Model Number AF-610
Colour Green
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Product Description

Have you ever tried cleaning glass with ordinary cloth and gotten streaks all over it? Sometimes it's just impossible to get windows and other surfaces spotless and clear. Either the dust simply flies back on, or fibres come off the cloth and find their way onto the surface they were supposed to clean. Sometimes they are just too smudged to do anything about them. But not anymore! There is finally a cloth that understands your needs. It is just as finicky about dust and smudges as you are, making them squeaky clean so you don't have spend longer than you need to getting those surfaces cleaned up and shiny.

About Flat Surface Glass Cleaning Microfiber

This high performing towel is specially designed to give excellent, glossy results. You can use it to get your car windows spotless. Get the entire surface of your car showroom glossy. And you can use this cloth freely around your home as well, on smooth surfaces like the windows, on the television screen, or the computer screen. You may even be tempted to see just how smudge free it can make your own glasses.

This microfibre is durable and created to endure a number of washes. It is safe for all glass, including tint. And it doesn't disintegrate or lose fibres to become less effective after usage or even after washing it. This flat surface microfiber is completely lint-free and perfect for wiping glass without streaks, making it a must have item, not only for your car but for your household things as well.

The glass towel weave lets you easily identify your glass towels from your polishing microfiber towels, so you don't confuse them with other types of cloth, protecting them from being potentially used with the wrong chemicals r from getting contaminated. It is a high performance towel is manufactured for extreme durability.

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Product Details
Manufacturer Autofresh
Brand Autofresh
Model Number AF-610
Colour Green
Item Package Quantity 1
Dimensions and Weight
Product Weight 50 grams

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  1.  Cleans Glasses like magic! 24 November, 2012 On
    Flat surface Micro fibre is great to clean all kind of glasses even i tried it on my specs and sun glasses, gives amazing results, it works wow on silver ware, cutlery and crokery too. Cleans beat the TV screens and simlar electronics gadgets. Must have!
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