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New 2x Flyfilms 1000 LED Shine White Light Panels Photo Video Cinema Lite stands

New 2x Flyfilms 1000 LED Shine White Light Panels Photo Video Cinema Lite stands

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Product Description

With advancement in cameras and other gizmos the cinema industry has come a long way. Now days for shooting quality video you do not need a fancy crew with lots of stuff. You can easily shoot a short film or music video with some basic equipment. The Flyfilms 1000 LED Shine White Light Panels Photo Video Cinema Lite stands is a complete kit that takes care of all the lighting you may need. So if you are a budding director or just want to create a fun video with friends, this is one thing you should definitely consider. It is a power packed kit which comes with a lot of functional stuff. The best part is, that all the lights are LED. They consume a lot less power than the standard lighting systems and also generate less heat. Since it generates less heat and consumes less power it is less susceptible to wear and tear and hence last much longer.

Technologically advanced lights for better details and shadows

LEDs are being hailed as the light for future and the new kit by Flyfilms is technologically a lot advanced than other standard kits available in the market. You can operate them across a wide range of temperature. So whether you are shooting in the mountains or the deserts, the light panels will always stay on. Each on the unit in the light panel is made of high power LEDs which consumes around 50 watts of electricity per unit. This is very much efficient compared to the amount of light you get. The LEDs have 60 degree lens mounted on them to allow adequate dispersion of the light. You also get dimmer options on the rear panel, by using the dimmer you can reduce or increase the resistance in the circuit and thus control the glow of the entire device. Now you do not have to switch off lights while shooting to show suspense, you will get a much effect by using this dimmer controls. This is an impressive kit considering the price. For a small amount you get two 1000-LED Video Light Panel from Shine and two Light Stand to support the lights. The stands are completely adjustable and can be increased or decreased in length depending on the shooting requirement.

Lots of stuff in one kit

Additional accessories include two Gel Filter Albums, two AC Adapter and also Universal Power Adaptor so that you can use this kit in part of the world. Besides all this devices you will also get a Power Pack for 12V Power Supply. This is very neat and includes all the things that you may need for lighting an impromptu shoot. The whole kit weights just 25 kilos, so carrying it around is no problem at all. You can actually carry it yourself if the budget is very low or may be hire one person to carry it around. Setting up is simple, it is basically plug and play so you do not need qualified technician, anyone with some basic electronic knowledge can operate it. All the equipments fits snugly inside one pack so it does not consume a lot of space. On inspection you will find that the stand and light are of good build quality. Since all stuffs take a beating during transport they are made of sturdy and durable materials. So now you can go to undiscovered locations and shoot your movie without worrying about your equipments.

Improve your video shots

You can buy the light kit online and save yourself all the trouble of manual shopping. You can find the product at By using this you will be able to illuminate the dull and colourless area. Proper usage will bring out all the right details and give the necessary depth of field to your field. Now it is time to add the correct amount of brightness and shadows to your shots.

Product Features

  • 2x Shine 1000-LED Video Light Panel
  • 2x Video Light Stand
  • 2x Gel Filter Album
  • 2x AC Adapter & 2x Universal Power Adaptor
  • 1x Power Pack for 12V Power Supply
Product Details
Manufacturer Flyfilms
Brand Flyfilms
Model Number Shine 1000 LED Light stand (FF-1-10012)
Item Package Quantity 1
Technical Specification
Special Features Operating Temperature - 20° C - +80° C (Power - 12V DC input ), 1,000 professional grade - Hi-power LED's in each head., Ultra efficient drawing just 50 watts maximum per unit., Beam angle of 60 degrees for wide dispersion illumination., Fully functional dimmer control on rear panel.

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