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Flyfilms 75mm 59" Aluminum Professional Camera Portable Tripod Stand Fluid head FREE Spreader Bag For Digital Cameras Camcorder

Flyfilms 75mm 59" Aluminum Professional Camera Portable Tripod Stand Fluid head FREE Spreader Bag For Digital Cameras Camcorder

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Product Description

A tripod helps in capturing photos in any circumstances and takes only seconds to erect and adjust. It can hold your camera steadily in a position as long as you wish and help you to take great photos and is useful for shooting at night. A tripod helps in reducing camera movement and enhances picture quality at the same time. Moreover, a tripod not only holds the camera but also a camcorder that can also be used as a flash unit holder, light stands, reflectors and slaves. A tripod especially helps you to pan smoothly while you are using a camcorder that can make your movie more elegant and professional.

Benefits of a Tripod:

One of the most obvious reasons of using a tripod is that it helps in avoiding the camera shake when longer exposure time is necessary. When the exposure time are seconds or minutes or even hours you cannot hold the camera steady for such a long time this is where you need a tripod. We always want our camera to produce sharp and high-quality images with the help of a tripod that can assist in obtaining clear images. When you are making delayed action movies a tripod serves as a boon. By using the camera timer delay option a tripod is very useful in setting up a group photo with you as the photographer.

Flyfilms 75mm Portable Tripod Stand:

The Flyfilms 75mm Portable Tripod Stand is created with an array of features and functionalities that can deliver flawless results with its tilt head, reliable and consistent spreader that is simple, steady and a must have accessory for any photography enthusiast. The Flyfilms 75mm Bowl Tripod Stand is a compact, simple and a perfect travel companion that can enhance your photographic experience. It is portable and at the same time collapsible that is steady enough to take great photographs. Especially for photo work and filming it offers a rock solid stable design.

The Tripod's Specifications:

Sections Aluminum legs,75mm bowl, 2-Stage knobs for height adjustment, Carry bag, Inbuilt bowl ,59" maximum height of bowl, 27" minimum height of bowl, 5lbs bowl weight, 50lbs load capacity and Locking knobs.

It comes in an efficient package that provide quality component and have a respected international reputation in terms of quality. It has a bowl made from Aluminum that have concave opening at the top of the legs so that the head fits into it. Moreover, the stand is compatible with 75mm Fluid heads. The tripod spreader is lightweight and is specifically designed stretch and to add stability. Whether you are a professional videographer or a photographer you can use it for an array of application. Apart from this it is lightweight, portable, non slip rubber feet with an adjustable spreader. Moreover, to offer better stability it has a fine rubber grip and a single action to fold the tripod.

Some Features of Spreader:

Tightening adjusters with easy lock, 1.2lbs Weight, 24" Maximum extension, 14" Minimum extension and 1.5" Leg width.

The Fluid Head:

The Flyfilms tripod's fluid head has a unique feature of third axis of movement that allows vertical orientation to portrait aspect ratio. Without having to re-mount the camera you can get junk free movement.

Some of the important features of the fluid head are:

3kg Load capacity,105mm Height, U1/4 Camera mounting screw,620g Weight,U1/4 . U3/8 Tripod mounting screw.

Flyfilms 75mm portable tripod stand helps in making to slow down and getting the framing right. With a tripod you can also place your camera anywhere from inches to off the ground to even above eye level. If you want a tripod but you are confuse then Flyfilms 75mm portable tripod stand is a great choice for you that is a wonderful companion to your camera equipment.

Product Features

  • 75 mm bowl, Carry Bag
  • Max height of bowl -59"
  • Min height of bowl -27"
  • Load capacity-50 lbs
  • 2-Stage with quick action knobs for quick height adjustment.
Product Details
Manufacturer Flyfilms
Brand Flyfilms
Model Number 75mm Bowl Tripod Stand (FF-BW-75-TLT)
Item Package Quantity 1

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