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Fogg UT327 Women Deodorant

Fogg UT327 Women Deodorant

Target Gender Female
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Overview: Fogg Ut327 Women Deodorant

Everybody loves to smell good as they walk out of their houses, especially when it is a hot and sunny day. The first thing that comes to everybody's mind is a deodorant with a fragrance that can freshen up the air. Deodorants are majorly used to beat the sweaty smell and body odour. For a woman to carry the aroma of sweet scented smell around herself, she can use 'FOGG Women Deodorant DELICIOUS'. The deodorant produces a cool and soothing smell and also keeps the user hygienic. A little amount of this deodorant can last for the whole day keeping you smell good.

About The Deodorant

The FOGG deodorant is a delicious women's deodorant. It has natural antibacterial properties to keep your body hygienic from the germs that the sweats can create. It thus keeps you fresh avoiding the foul smell and unhygienic conditions. This is a quality product manufactured by the Vini cosmetics. The features and the ingredients are as such that the smell lingers for a long time. Even on a hot and sunny day, the deodorant manages to avoid the sweaty, stinky smell. Every girl should use this deodorant during the summer before walking out of their house. The deodorant has a quantity of 150 ml and comes in a beautifully designed package. You can also keep it in your bag and carry it wherever you go to keep yourself fresh and smell good. It ideal for women of all age groups, including working people, college goers, etc.

Product Features

Carry an aroma of sweet scented smell around you

A deodorant that produces a cool and soothing smell and also keeps the user hygienic

A deodorant with natural antibacterial properties to keep your body hygienic

Ideal deodorant for sunny and sweaty day

Ideal for women of all ages, including working people and college goers

Product Details
Manufacturer Vini Cosmetics
Brand Fogg
Model Number UT327
Target Gender Female
Theme Delicoius, Deodrant, Deo, Perfume

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  1.  Ever used such Deo 2 December, 2013 On
    I had this product long ago when it launched a year ago a perfumed deo spray this particular flavor is not good it smells like rose paan smell. Cant inhale or take this smell for long time. Not a good one to buy. But only benefit is the bottle will not get over soon as it does not contain gas.
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