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Francis Ittikora

Francis Ittikora

Language Malayalam
Contributor(s) T. D Ramakrishna
Binding Paperback
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Overview: Francis Ittikora

Francis Itty Cora is authored by Malayalam writer T. D. Ramakrishnan. This novel was first published in 2009, and earned much acclaim in the literary circle. This mystery novel includes various historical characters and focuses on the mediaeval subcontinental as well as global history from a different perspective. Many readers find this novel to have been inspired by the works of Dan Brown and Umberto Eco. Francis Itty Cora includes various aspects of modern life. Sometimes it focuses on the darkened alleys of the city-life and describes the covert activities, which take place in the underground organisations, massage parlours and various others supposedly hidden and forbidden corners of the city. It fearlessly talks about the secret prevalence of cannibalism, easy availability of sex in exchange for money, and the business burgeoning around it, alcohol and its unavoidable lure, and cruelty.

Francis Itty cora was a fifteenth century trader and explorer from Kerala. His descendants are believed to be existing even now. They are called the '18th family sect', and supposed to live under the cover of secrecy. According to the novel, they control a number of businesses and wield enormous power. This group has its own set of beliefs and practices its own rituals. Some of their rituals are gruesome and immoral. For example, they sacrifice a 'grown up' girl to their deity on Christmas eve. The descendants believe that if they do otherwise, it will enrage the spirit of Itty Cora, and the clan could not survive the ensuing period of misfortune.

In the novel, three ladies, who run a massage parlour in Kerala, receive a letter from Francis Itty Cora, a descendant of the iconic explorer. In the letter, Itty Cora expresses his desire to revive his virility, which he lost after subjecting an Iraqi girl to his carnal perversion, while serving in the American army. This letter interests the three ladies and a team of their friends_which includes the author himself_and they set out to explore the life of the legendary Itty Cora. They go through various journals, research works and mysterious manuscripts. They contact a number of historians and mathematicians_since Itty Cora was also known for his mathematical prowess. In the course of their quest, they are attacked and terrorised several times, but nothing can mar their unflinching spirit, which rather becomes stronger with every effort made to stop them.
Product Details
Language Malayalam
Publication Date September 23, 2009
Publisher D C Books
Contributor(s) T. D Ramakrishna
Binding Paperback
Edition 4th
ISBN 10 8126424583
ISBN 13 9788126424580
Dimensions and Weight
Product Weight 350 grams
Product Dimensions 5.5 cm x 1 cm x 8.3 cm
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