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Freedom from the Known

Freedom from the Known

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Language English
Contributor(s) J Krishnamurti
Binding Paperback
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Overview: Freedom from the Known

The book, �Freedom from the Known� is a comprehensive text which tells how we have trapped ourselves in the daily monotonous work and are living like prisoners. This book is written by Jiddu Krishnamurti, who is often considered as a philosopher of the highest caliber and a teacher who has had a magical and charismatic influence. His thoughts and teachings are though-provoking and have potential to provide answers to some of the most profound questions. At the same time, this book forces the reader to study their past achievements and analyze whether that is what they have wanted to do in life or not. The sensational writing style along with the gripping narrative makes this book extremely powerful and appealing. It is a must read book for readers of all kind.

This book explores the various meanings of life and explains that what we think our life is is actually what the society tells us to think. At the same time, this book states that throughout our life we live under the burden of societal expectations and distance ourselves from the true self. This book teaches how people can radically free themselves from the tyranny of the expected, irrespective of their age. It is a highly refreshing book which provides amazing perspectives about life and values.

Jiddu Krishnamurti was a philosopher and spiritual leader, who was considered as an influential person of this era. His forte was in topics, such as the purpose of meditation, human relationships and how to enact positive change in the global society. Several schools around the world are under his foundation, one such school is Brockwood Park School. In his middle years, Krishnamurti engaged in speaking tours and in the issue of publications under the auspice of the "Star Publishing Trust".

For online shoppers, this book is available in paperback binding. It has an ISBN 10 number of 1846042135 and ISBN 13 number of 978-1846042133.

Features: Freedom from the Known

  • Non Fiction
Product Details
Language English
Publication Date July 1, 2010
Publisher RHUK
Contributor(s) J Krishnamurti
Binding Paperback
Edition 2010
Page Count 144
ISBN 10 1846042135
ISBN 13 9781846042133
Dimensions and Weight
Product Dimensions 12.7 cm x 1.9 cm x 20 cm
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