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The Freethinker's Prayer Book

The Freethinker's Prayer Book

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Language English
Contributor(s) Khushwant Singh
Binding Hardcover
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Overview: The Freethinker's Prayer Book

There are many religions in the world, but all these religions have one thing at the core- the prayers of all these religions are universal in nature and have immense power of motivating and inspiring people. The book The Freethinker's Prayer Book is a collection of such prayers across religions and some of the finest teachings of the saints and mystics. This book is a personal collection of Khushwant Singh, one of the most intellectual figures of this era. This book is a compilation of everything that is powerful, motivating and inspiring that make us better human beings from the heart as well as the brain.

Khushwant Singh, in this book, has included poems, teachings, phrases and verses from the Bible, Granth Sahib, Kuran and the Vedas. This book reflects the author's deep study on all these religious texts and his ability to grasp anything that is beautiful and mesmerising. In addition, there are inspiring quotes and words which make this book a great text. There is also a section that includes the advice and thoughts of Kabir, Rumi and Teresa of Ávila along with the verse of poets like Ghalib, Tagore and Keats. In the beginning, the author talks about his own life and reveals his upbringing and the factors that made him what he was.

Khushwant Singh was popularly known as the 'Grand Old Man of Indian Letters'. He was one of the best and the finest analysts of this era who successfully analysed the Indian dream after Independence and the Indian political system. He was a gifted writer who has written some of the most powerful and though provoking words in Indian media. He was a journalist, a writer and a columnist. His famous works include Train to Pakistan, I Shall Not Hear the Nightingale and Delhi.

For online shoppers, this book is available in paperback binding. It has an ISBN 10 number of 819232804X and ISBN 13 number of 978-8192328041.

Product Details
Language English
Publication Date September 1, 2012
Publisher Aleph Book Company
Contributor(s) Khushwant Singh
Binding Hardcover
Edition 2012
Page Count 208
ISBN 10 819232804X
ISBN 13 9788192328041
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