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Frendz Multi Steam Cooker White

Frendz Multi Steam Cooker White

Brand Frendz
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Overview: Frendz Multi Steam Cooker White

Keeping in mind the rising number of heath disorders, we should all now shift to healthy eating habits. Addition of the White Multi Steam Cooker from the house of Frendz as a cooking appliance in your smart kitchen can be a great option.


The Frendz White Multi Steam Cooker is made of high quality plastic with three polycarbonate jars. Two of the jars are of greater capacity while one is comparatively smaller that is used for collecting the juice. The juice collecting vessel has a nozzle attached from where the juice flows out. The pack also includes a small plastic juice collecting bowl.  The white colored base has a black operating knob to regulate the time and a red indicator light. Each of the vessels has handles on both sides that make handling convenient.

Key highlights

The polycarbonate materials used in manufacturing the jars makes them extremely sturdy and durable.

The 60 minute auto-stop timer makes it easy to operate.

The Turbo steam function initiates cooking within seconds.

The vessels are removable and can be used for storage individually.

The steamer is easy to cook.

You can serve oil and fat free healthy food.

It consumes only about 1 unit of power in half an hour.


This Multi Steam Cooker lets you enjoy an amazing experience of cooking. This kitchen appliance can be used to cook various types of food items kike broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, peas, potatoes, corn, mushrooms, spring onion, beans, leafy vegetables cooked with the help of steam. The steaming process is considered very healthy as it retains almost more than 50% vitamins compared to the boiling process. Steaming also ensures that the food is uniformly cooked. The steamer comes with sealed vessels that do not allow the steam to escape. The steam gets condensed into the liquid form and collects in the lower most vessel. This liquid comes out of a nozzle and gets collected in a small bowl. As it is designed with a simple technology, it is very easy to use and hassle-free. All you need to do is pour in the correct amount of water inside. One of the plus points of this steamer is that you can even add water while it is operating. The apparatus comes with an auto-stop mechanism which ensures your safety while cooking. It has a compressed 600 Watt heater. It consumes a voltage of 220v - 50Hz. So shop this 2 Vessel Multi Steam Cooker from the online store today.

How to use the Multi Steam Cooker?

Firstly, wash and cut all the vegetables you want to cook. Then pour them vegetables into the individual vessels and fill the vessels with about 1- 2 inches of water. Make sure that the vegetables are fully submerged. Then place the lid on top of the vessel. Next turn on the main power and set the 60 minutes timer. Place the liquid collecting bowl just below the nozzle of the lower most vessel. During the process if water is required, you can keep adding the same.

Advantages of having steamed food

Steam cooking has a lot of advantages like:

It retains the original shape of the vegetables and

It is also known to retain the original taste and colour and flavour of the food items. You can just add some spices to the fresh juice and drink it.

The minerals and vitamins are also retained to a great extent.

You can cook almost everything starting from vegetables to fruits, lentils and even grains.

By using a multi-steam cooker, you can save on energy as it helps to cook several food items at the same time.

You can cook a healthy meal without the use of oil.

Maintenance and care

Since the sprout maker is made of high quality durable food grade plastic, it will serve you for a long time if taken proper care. Its wide opening makes it easy to clean. You can easily clean it in cold water and detergent. But remove each of the containers before cleaning. Once washed, air-dry all the three containers before using it for the next time.

So buy this Convenient Multi Steam Cooker online and gift your family a healthy lifestyle.  

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Brand Frendz

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