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Khaki Knee Length Shorts

Khaki Knee Length Shorts

Brand Funkred
Colour Beige
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Overview: Khaki Knee Length Shorts

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, most people end up compromising the one thing that is most important in the garment section. To look good is to feel good, to feel good is to work well. However, the new age fashion garments promise everything but the ability to maximise comfort. If you are looking for a way to kick back and relax on the weekend or need a new outfit for a casual outing with some friends, or even if all you want is a comfortable pair of pants to hang out in at home, you have come to the right place. To maximise comfort and minimise maintenance, to give you the best, which is what you truly deserve, and to make your life a living paradise, here we give you one of our favourite garments of all time: Khaki Knee Length Shorts.

About the Product

We are sure you must have seen your share of Capri pants in the early years of this century, but we doubt you would ever have thought they would catch right back on in ten or fifteen years. Well, you guessed it right, they have. And this time, they are all anyone can talk about. Take for instance our new favourite, the faun beige, old style women's shorts that give you so much comfort, you cannot possibly stop wearing them. Low on maintenance and high on flexibility, these pants with a regular t-shirt and flip flops, are perfect for a day out on the beach. If you aren't a beach person though, not to worry, because you can always throw these pants on with a black or navy blue shirt and put on a pair of loafers to join your friends for a hangout at the next door mall. They're also perfect for a lazy day at home, if you just want to spend your time in front of the TV or your play station. Just sport these wonderful shorts and watch the men ogle at your exquisite fashion sense! Made of cotton, these pants will never get in the way of anything and will give you that urban, chic look you've always been on the lookout for!

About the Manufacturer

FunkRed is a revolutionary new range of garments made exclusively for the metro sexual male. New, urban designs coupled with great fabric and tailoring, FunkRed strives to give you your personalised brand of new and trendy with its great merchandise now available on

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Product Details
Brand Funkred
Colour Beige

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