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Maximum Age 14 years
Minimum Age 6 years
Material Plastic
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Overview: Connect-4

Product description

Funskool Connect 4 Big is a game for children below 2 years of age. Being a strategy game, it is modeled on the lines of tic-tac-toe. The player that gets 4 row-lined checkers, either horizontally, vertically or diagonally, wins. The game comes with grid, support for two ends, black and red checkers, 21 of them each. Although brought in vogue by Funskool, the game has existed for long, in fact from centuries. It has been said that Captain James Cook used to pass his time with his colleagues playing this game. Therefore, this game has been informally called captain's mistress.

Keep your kid occupied in intellectual pursuits

It is good to release the potential of your kid's cognitive abilities when they are before 2. You never know, they might become geniuses. This strategic game will unwind their brain. They will be occupied in intellectual pursuits. They will learn to start thinking and reasoning at this age itself. Connect 4 is the game of choice for many parents who want their kids to improve their cognitive abilities in leap and bounds right from birth. The game improves the interpretation and advance planning skills of children. It enhances their logical reasoning process. It is not just a means to kill time, but invest time for a future payoff. The game is easy to carry and can be with you on trips or family vacations.

Thank you James Cook!

This game has been immortalized by Captain James Cook. He used to play this game for hours and hours together with his colleagues when on long voyages. It was a way to kill time and also keep their wits and imaginative powers intact.

How to play this game

Although simplistic, this is a challenging and tricky game. Played by two players, they have to place 4 coins in a row, which could be in any direction. The coins are dropped into the given slot one by one by each player alternatively. The one who finds 4 coins in a row wins.

Safe game

The components of this game are made of quality plastic. It is safe to use. It is designed for children of all ages, and even adults. So order it online right now.

Features: Connect-4

  • 6 Years+, 2 Players, The ultimate up-right checker dropping challenger!
Product Details
Manufacturer Funskool
Brand Funskool
Model Number 9774000
Maximum Age 14 years
Minimum Age 6 years
Target Audience Children
Material Plastic
Item Package Quantity 1

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Overall Rating 4.9 out of 5 stars
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  1.  One game for all 24 September, 2013 On
    One game that all age categories can enjoy playing. I got this for a 5 year old and have this as a standard gift for a lot of birthdays that I have been to.

    A good one to own for even outdoor picnics and activities. It helps children to think in a coordinated manner and look for patterns.

    The game material is good and long lasting, even if thrown down a number of times; this is for the buttery fingered people :) It is definitely worth the price and even more I would say. Good buy!
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