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FurnitureKraft Single Bed Black and Brown

FurnitureKraft Single Bed Black and Brown

Brand FurnitureKraft
Material Mild steel
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Overview: FurnitureKraft Single Bed Black and Brown

Are you looking to buy a new bed? If so, we recommend the FurnitureKraft single bed.

When purchasing a bed, there are two types of beds you usually have to choose from: wood and metal frame beds. The FurnitureKraft Single Bed is made entirely of mild steel and here are a few advantages of metal beds to help you with the decision-making:

1. Durability: Metal frame beds also last you a long time since, unlike wooden beds, there are no insects that will be attracted to metal.

2. Lightweight: While rather strong, metal beds are also deceptively light. It'll be rather easy to move your bed around in case you're the type of person who constantly keeps rearranging things in your room.

3. Versatility: Metal beds can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and more importantly, in a wide range of colours. Wooden beds can vary in colour only so much, depending on the type of wood that has been used.

These are a few merits of mild steel (metal) beds. The FurnitureKraft Single Bed has a rather stylish look about it, considering the intricate design of the headboard. While most of the bed is in black, the four legs look surprisingly wooden, in brown. The bed, in itself, is made up of grills. Also it looks small, this bed is tough and solid, not to mention extremely light.

It's also important to know how to take good care of your bed.

1. Indoors Only: This bed should not be used in damp condition, i.e., out in the lawn where the grass is damp and it could possibly rain. Moisture, in general, could lead to oxidation of this mild steel bed. So rust is a huge possibility.

2. No Abrasive Cleaners: Do not use abrasive cleaners or soak the bed in water when you want to clean it. Just use a damp cloth and make sure you let the bed dry afterwards.

With these tips in mind, buy the FurnitureKraft Single Bed and enjoy a good night's sleep.

Features: FurnitureKraft Single Bed Black and Brown

  • Weight : 21 kg
Product Details
Brand FurnitureKraft
Colour Name Black & brown
Material Mild steel

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