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GB45-Solar Powered Shark Fin 6-LED Flashing light accessory for cars, a unique Show-off Gizmo!

GB45-Solar Powered Shark Fin 6-LED Flashing light accessory for cars, a unique Show-off Gizmo!

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Product Description

The GB45-Solar Powered Shark Fin 6-LED Flashing light accessory is a fun way to lighten up your car. Have you ever felt that your car was just too plain? Then here is a gadget brought especially for you by Gizmobaba that will certainly make things quirkier. With the GB45-Solar Powered Shark Fin 6-LED Flashing light, you are looking at an amazing gizmo for your car. All you need to do is stick it on the roof or back of your car with the double tape provide and zoom through a funky lit experience. This amazing Shark Fin has a built in solar charger, and 6 colour LED lights. During the day, the solar charger will charge the inbuilt battery. And at night, the LED lights will flash when your car is moving. It has an inbuilt sensor that will sense the vibration of the car, and the LED lights will light up only when the car is running. And it also has a sensor for Sunlight, so it will not run during the day. It will come on automatically when it gets dark. So buy your Shark fin LEDs today and show off your fun side to the world! You may also wish to give these novelty LED fins to a friend as a gift to light up his car.


The Gizmobaba Shark fin LEDs come in white or black. The Shark fin shape of the GIZMOS increase the cool quotient of the car but also serve the purpose of streamlining the shape of the car in order not to increase drag when in use. The Shark fins have a plastic body with two back openings for the lights and one in front for the solar panel which acts as the solar charger. The device has an in built battery which charges up when the solar panel is exposed to the Sun's rays. An attached light sensor ensures that the LEDs only come on when it is sufficiently dark in order not to waste any charge. The Shark fins use solar panels in order to take advantage of renewable energy, thus being a green device. The device has 6 LED lights that light up the Shark fin. The vibration sensor embedded in the device ensures maximum display by lighting up only when the car is moving. The fins can be attached to the car using car paint safe double tape that is provided with your purchase. As there are two colours available in black and white, please specify your colour choice after making payment, or else a random colour will be sent.

Product Care

It is recommended that the Gizmobaba Shark fin LEDs are cleaned simply using a wet cloth and perhaps a mild detergent to lengthen the life of the colour. Wipe the dust off the plastic and the LED covers with a damp cloth before drying with a dry cloth. Use a thin film dry cloth to wipe the solar panels. Your Shark Fin LED novelty lights are made for the outdoors and are waterproof and durable. However proper care will increase their longevity even more.

About the Brand

Gizmobaba is an online retailer of novelty gadgets and gizmos. The company prides themselves in providing updated and constantly refreshed line of fantastic gizmos and gadgets that are unique to the website at very reasonable prices!

Product Features

  • Comes with solar charger
  • Has inbuilt battery
  • LED lights
  • Has an inbuilt sensor
  • Colours available are Black and White
Product Details
Manufacturer Gizmobaba
Brand Gizmobaba
Colour Name Black, white
Item Package Quantity 1

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