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GB70-LED NEON Laser Lights Flashing Shoelace Shoe Lace! Fits all shoes! See Video!

GB70-LED NEON Laser Lights Flashing Shoelace Shoe Lace! Fits all shoes! See Video!

Brand Gizmobaba
Colour Red
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Product Description

If you are the kind of person who sits in a corner at a soiree to whisper to your friends; you might need a change of scene. In case you want to do something different, you can stir things up by some neon lights your party attire. You should go for Gizmobaba's LED laser laces, for they are an excellent option, if you wish to stand out in the crowd. They utilize a Teflon® coated Sideglow® fibre that is an optic cable, to shine they way they do. The best part is that you can use the flashing shoelace on your regular shoes. You needn't purchase expensive shoes that you can only wear out in the evenings.

These trendy laces are unisex and go very well with women's or men's footwear. They are excellent for people who love to party and are constantly looking for ways to up their game as well.


The laces have a thick Teflon® jacket wrapped snugly around the fibre optic cable, which ensures that the neon shoelace is kept in place. This cable carries and bends the streak of neon lighting right through the lace. The cable actually protects the lace so that they last you for a long time to come. There is also another added benefit; the laser laces happen to be designed as water resistant. The weather never affects them which is why you can feel free to wear them out to any event!

Fits Several Occasions

These amazing laces are awesome for parties as they have an extremely eye-catching effect. They go well with just about any kind of footwear that needs to be laced up. Running shoes, boots, skates and even bowling shoes can be dressed up with these. There are all kinds of activities that you can wear these to and draw the gaze of everyone at the event on you. Whether it is a late night party you're heading out to, a dark movie hall, a bowling alley, an entertainment park or theme park or even as a part of your Halloween costume. You can even sport these when you're out to do some night-time jogging as a safety feature to stand out in the dark.

Accessories to Go With It

These laces are very adaptable and you can have them suit any kind of party or event. If it's a house party you're wearing these to, you can amp up the vibe of your outfit with a pair of cool blue jeans, a sexy black T-shirt and some gothic makeup. An easier way to get noticed would be to sport a sleeve-tattoo and spike your hair as well as wear the neon laces and let the room sway to your beat whenever you move. For women; in case you're wearing these on a good outfit, you can add on some chunky pieces of jewellery along with some smoky eye makeup for a stunning look. If you have the time or inclination, you can use temporary colour on your hair and have it look pineapple-yellow or a sassy red for an added effect.

Product Details
Brand Gizmobaba
Colour Red

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