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Overview: Gilllette Sport Clear & Refreshing Gel Anti Perspirant Deodorant 113gm

If there is one thing that technology hasn't been able to change, it is the repulsion that people feel when they smell body odour. But what technology can definitely help you do is provide you with aids to manage it. Deodorant is one way to keep body odour at bay. Several scientific studies have revealed that men sweat more than women and this is the reason why body odour is more of an issue with men. When it comes to skincare brands, Gillette is a name that many men bank upon. If you want to keep smelling fresh at the end of a long day at work, you can consider buying Gilllette Sport Clear & Refreshing Gel Anti-Perspirant Deodorant 113gm. While this antiperspirant deodorant is more suited for people who are into sports or those who have an active lifestyle otherwise, it can be used by any man who wants to smell good throughout the day.

This deodorant uses a triple protection formula that ensures day long freshness

This Gillette antiperspirant deodorant uses a formula that does not allow clumps to form, and thereby, ensures you keep smelling good throughout the day. So, even if it is a particularly humid day, regular use of this deodorant can successfully keep body odour at bay. You can buy this Gillette product online. You can look for it under the Health & Personal Care or the Deodorants & Antiperspirants section of Junglee. One good way to go about buying this deodorant online is to check the list of online retailers on Junglee that sell Gillette deodorants. You can compare the deals that they offer. A quick comparative study can help you figure out which online retailer offers you the best possible deal on this product. Once you have done that, you can go ahead and place your order.

This deodorant takes care of sweat and keeps you smelling fresh all day

When it comes to body odour, sweat is the culprit. This deodorant keeps you from sweating and thereby, leaves you feeling fresh even at the end of a long day.

This deodorant is of the roll on variety

This Gillette deodorant is of the roll on variety. This gel based deodorant lasts longer than most other deodorants, especially the ones of the spray variety. It also minimises wastage and thereby, each unit of the product lasts longer.

This deodorant uses all day scent technology and odour blockers

Thanks to the use of active odour blockers as well as all-day scent technology, this deodorant works effectively in almost all kinds of weather conditions. This might be a good option for sports persons or those men, who sweat a lot.

You should not apply this deodorant on cuts or bruises

While this Gillette deodorant can effectively keep perspiration and odour in check, it should not be used in case your skin has suffered cuts or bruises in recent times. Also, it is best to do a patch test before you use this product so as to figure out whether it is suitable for you. Apply this deodorant on a small area of your skin and find out whether you experience any irritation.

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Brand Gillette
Target Gender Unisex

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  1.  A deodorant in the true sense 10 September, 2013 On
    This is a deodorant in the true sense. The role of a deodorant is to remove any odour and not add any other fragrance of its own. But be careful while using this as this can stain clothes with a white patch, which can be easily be washed away. Suggest using this first on your body and letting it dry out a bit before putting on your clothes.
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