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GIMI Top Super Clothes Dryer

GIMI Top Super Clothes Dryer

Brand Gimi
Model Number Top Super
Colour White
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Overview: GIMI Top Super Clothes Dryer

Gimi Top Super Clothes Dryer is a supreme quality drying rack from one of the leading companies in Europe. The dryer is made of high-quality zinc-chromed steel that protects it from rust and dries your clothes with efficiency. With a drying size of 20 metres, it is quite huge and lets you dry a huge pile of clothes. Most people in India prefer to get their clothes dry cleaned by laundry services in their locality. However, what they do not realise is that with rising expenses, the amount they pay to the laundry service owners is also increasing. What used to be affordable at one point of time is now starting to become a burden. And with a hectic lifestyle, people forget to realise that the amount they pay no matter how less it may seem at the time has a long lasting effect on their monthly expenditure. So why do we waste our money on getting a task as simple as drying and cleaning our clothes done by an external service provider when we can do it easily at home for free? The problem maybe lies in not having an effective drying rack to dry our clothes. Most of the times, we keep our clothes on a chair or on the sofa to dry. The surface of a mattress on a bed or a sofa becomes moist and, as a result, our clothes do not dry up properly. Drying requires clothes to be kept on a a proper drying rack so that your clothes become dry quickly and efficiently. If you are looking to buy an effective dryer, then the Gimi Top Super Clothes Dryer is just the product you need!

Technical Specifications

First of all, this drying rack from Gimi is quite huge and can dry a decent number of clothes. The rack has a drying size of 20 metres that offers enough space to dry your clothes. However, due to its size, it might require you to store the dryer in your storeroom or on the balcony where space is not a problem. It is quite light in weight and possesses dimensions of 205cm x 55cm x 96cm. As a result, it is very easy to carry with you. When not in use, the rack can be folded and kept against the wall. The dryer is coated with zinc-chromed steel and painted with transparent resins for double rust protection. The dryer is effective in any environment.

Main Features

It comes with a Zinc-Chromed Steel Coating. It has a 20m Drying Size and can be dismantled when not in use.

Gimi is a leading manufacturer of supreme quality dryers, ironing boards, shopping trolleys, and ladders. This drying rack is no different in terms of quality. You can go ahead and order the Gimi Top Super Clothes Dryer online. We will have this product delivered to you at your doorstep in no time once the order is placed.

Features: GIMI Top Super Clothes Dryer

  • 20 metres of elegance and practicality
  • Zinc-chromed steel, painted with transparent resins for double rust protection
  • For any kind of environment, indoors or out
  • Drying size of 20m
  • The dimension of this clothes dryer is Length x Width x Height:205cm x 55cm x 96cm
Product Details
Manufacturer Gimi
Manufacturer Part Number Clothes Dryer
Brand Gimi
Model Number Top Super
Colour White

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  1.  Wonderful asset for every house hold 5 October, 2013 On
    The sleek and elegant look of this cloth drier is the out come of the meticulous making observation by the manufactures.Hats off.The bars have been arranged ina manner seperately any size wet cloth can easily be accomodated utilising every inch of of space provided for drying the cloths.It is indeed ideal for both for outdoor and indoor use.The bars are sturdy and strong to bear a load of 60 to 75 kgs of wet cloth.Iam extremely satisfied on my purchase of this user friendly item.It seems it does have edge over the similar products.The bush like item is protective from overturning the stand.Very good idea of the manufactures.It can easily be folded and stored in very small space while not in use.Gimi Top Cloths dryer is an excellant product to whom is in search of purchase a best Cloth Dryer.
    K P Binju
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