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Format Audio CD
Artist(s) KARUNESH
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Product Description

The Global Spirit audio CD by Karunesh features eleven nerve-relaxing tracks that will help you calm your mind and relax your senses. The tracks in this album are a fusion of multiple genres from different regions fused together. It doesn't matter from which part of the world you come from, considering this album is purely music centric catering to one and all. The rhythmic classical beats that feature in this CD are crafted to soothe your senses and give you an enriching musical experience. Some of the popular tracks that feature in this album include Call of the Tribes, Ancient Secrets, Native Rituals, Kubala Ma, Alibaba, Earthsong, Bombay Pure, Solitude and Punjab. Many leading global musicians have acknowledged the beautifully-composed tracks in this CD. This CD can also be used as a medium for meditation and relaxation-inducing exercises. So it is not surprising that many renowned spas and health care centres play this album to relax their guests. The songs also have some colloquial Sanskrit vocals that play in the background. The vocals are, however, mellow, and more emphasis is laid on the rhythms produced by the various classical instruments used in each composition. This CD will refresh your mind and soul, irrespective of when and where you play it.

Karunesh is the primary artist of Global Spirit, and he intends to connect people of different nationalities and cultures with this album. Born in Germany, Karunesh dropped his very first album in 1984 by the title of Sounds of the Heart. He has attained proficiency in a comparatively new style of music called the New Age genre of music. All his other albums have undertones of the New Age genre in them. Karunesh, with his music, targets more than just his listeners' ears. He aims at hitting the listener's soul through rhythmic representation of his music. Global Spirit is an attempt to prove the popular-stated axiom that music is a universal language in itself. Times Music labels the Global Spirit Audio CD, and you can get hold of this spiritual music collection by ordering it online.

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Product Details
Format Audio CD
Music Label Times Music
Artist(s) KARUNESH

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  1.  Yet another trip to Planet M saved 16 September, 2013 On
    Karunesh's Global fusion is one of the best selling fusion music albums. It is used by spas across the country and also internationally. The tracks in this album are great & provide different variety in one album. Indian, to native, to light vocals, to spirituality. You can listen to this anytime of the day. Some of the tracks help you relax so well and are good to hear before sleeping. The use of Sanskrit in the tracks and some colloquial sounds and instruments is such bliss.
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