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Gadget Electronics GE-01 Bladeless Table fans

Gadget Electronics GE-01 Bladeless Table fans

Brand Gadget electronics
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Overview: Gadget Electronics GE-01 Bladeless Table fans

Gadget Electronics in today's market has taken a groundbreaking revolution while understanding your upcoming demands and tastes. From laptops to cell phones, washing machines to table fans, every electronic gadget has improved and developed with new varied innovations. Table fans today are hitting the homes, offices as a means to survive the hot summer climate. These electrical fans are now geared up with new looks and innovations. Cool yourself with this latest GE-01 bladeless table fan breeze.

This bladeless table fan is a high technology invention with the unusual yet innovative characteristics. This 10 inch round bladeless fan comes with 30cm diameter base. This amazing device doesn't have any visible blades, and it appears just like a circular tube mounted a pedestal. Lured with a shallow tube which is few inches deep, the fan provides smooth and constant breeze. This modern equipment cannot be left ignored as it looks great and works even better. GE-01 Bladeless Table Fan's motor speed is loaded with 8600 rpm and 40 watts power consumption which is 50% energy saving. This energy efficient motor is free from noise pollution. Gadget Electronics GE-01 Bladeless fans Body material is made of plastic and is 50cm in height. It has a dimmer switch easy to use in low light and a touch tilt option for your comfort.

This bladeless fan has the safest oscillation one can ever have. It has no blades and thus is completely safe to have at home even with kids. At times, when it's difficult for parents to keep a watch of what the kids are doing or with what he or she is playing, this fan gives worry-free and safe-to-use environment at home with an uninterrupted breeze of smooth air. The bladeless fan makes your cleaning task easier without any barrier to collect dirt, unlike a standard fan. It is powerful enough to cool down one whole room. This portable and innovative bladeless table fan gives you a soothing breeze with a cool atmosphere be it at your workplace or home. Convenience and comfort work hand in hand with GE-01 Bladeless Table Fan. You can shop online and have it delivered at your doorstep.

Features: Gadget Electronics GE-01 Bladeless Table fans

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Brand Gadget electronics

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