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Gadget Hero's Phiateam Bluetooth 3.5mm Audio Music Receiver Adapter A2DP For Phone Tablets Computer

Gadget Hero's Phiateam Bluetooth 3.5mm Audio Music Receiver Adapter A2DP For Phone Tablets Computer

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Product Description

If you are a music freak and want to transfer your favourite music files from laptop or other Bluetooth enabled devices in a short time, then check out this specially designed , high quality 3.5mm Audio Music Receiver Adapter from Gadget Hero's. The speciality of this device is that it works with different types of Bluetooth enabled devices. The advanced design of this product ensures that you can easily transfer different types audio files by using this Bluetooth receiver adapter. The user friendly and smart design of this receiver adapter helps the user to operate it easily. Be it a phone or tablet, now you will be able to enjoy a wireless audio file transferring experience every time.

About the Brand

The manufacturer of this brand is Gadget Hero's. This brand has designed a wide range of products for their users. This time, they are back with this high quality and unique solution to enjoy a wireless file transfer by using Bluetooth. The high end finish of this 3.5mm Audio Music Receiver Adapter allows the user to transfer different types of files in a  short time.

Design and performance

The designers have designed this device in such way which let the user to enjoy a wire less file transferring experience every time. Be it a requirement of receiving or sending files from your computer to the mobile phone or the tablet, simply switch on the Bluetooth and connect with the Bluetooth enabled device. Along with transferring files, the user can turn this device into the stereo audio speakers.

This smart accessory has been designed in such a way which allows the user to enjoy a fast and safe transferring experience. Be it a laptop, tablet or smartphone, the users can enjoy the safe and fast and file transferring experience. Along with this, the high quality product enables the user to transfer various files of different sizes and shapes in a short time. As this device features compact design, the user can carry it comfortably in his pocket while travelling. Now you need not to buy different types of external Bluetooth devices to transfer file from one Bluetooth enabled device to the other. Along with transferring files, this device helps the user to play the songs while it is transferring the files. Being made of premium quality material, it remains unaltered even the user needs to use it for hours. The designers have added a special cover for this device. This feature enables the user to keep it in a proper way when the  device is not in use. Whether you are travelling or working, everywhere you can enjoy a smart and safe file transferring experience. The device is black in colour. This smart design of this device makes it stylish and easy to use on a regular basis.

How to maintain

This device is lightweight and easy to use. If you want to use this for years, then you need to keep this Bluetooth device in a case. This will protect the device from dust and any type of external damages. Make sure that it will not fall from hands easily. If you find any problem, you can go through the instruction manual properly. This will allow you to enjoy a safe and fast Bluetooth transfer experience. If you want to get this high quality Bluetooth receiver and adapter for transferring your media files in a short time, buy  Gadget Hero's Bluetooth music receiver adapter online from the comforts of your own home.

Special features

This Bluetooth device is light in weight and easy to use

The user can transfer a number of audio files from one device to the other in a short time

By using this device the ordinary speakers turn into the Bluetooth audio speakers

Product Features

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  • All Gadget Hero's product carries MRP lable with Customer Care No. & Email.
Product Details
Manufacturer Gadget Hero's
Manufacturer Part Number GHPBR
Brand Gadget Hero's

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