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API 1 Gallon Corner View Fish Aquarium With Under Gravel Filter System
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API 1 Gallon Corner View Fish Aquarium With Under Gravel Filter System

Model Number AP11104FFP
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Product Description

Fish make excellent pets and they are calming to look at and also provide a soothing effect to the ambience. Having pet fish can be engaging as you see them swim by and is a great addition to your home. Moreover, they do not suffer from separation anxiety; so, you do not have to worry about going out of the house on a regular basis. So, if you have pet fish at home or office and want to ensure a proper living environment for them, look no further as now you can buy the Aquarius1 1 Gallon Tank Aquarium System online very easily. It is important to keep few things in mind before you buy a fish tank. This will ensure that your fish remain healthy and active and will also suit your living space. This fish tank by KollerCraft fits that purpose in the perfect manner. KollerCraft is one of the most popular and trusted brands when it comes to aquatic supplies like fish food, fish tanks and aquarium accesories. Each of the KollerCraft products is made under stringent quality norms that make sure that your pet fish remain happy and healthy. This trendy and contemporary fish tank is no exception. The contemporary look brings an edge to the tank and along with it to the décor. You can keep this elegant fish tank in your home, in hospitals, offices, hotels, schools and more and it is guaranteed to bring a lot of cheerfulness and positivity in the living space and you can look at the pet fish for hours to come. The clutter free and sleek design along with the easy to clean feature, makes this fish tank a must have for all fish enthusiasts. Take a look at the product features before you opt for it.

Build and structure

This fish tank is a 1 gallon tank and sports a basket shape that ensures a clear and unobstructed view from all sides. This Aquarius fish tank is made of premium quality plastic which ensures maximum durability of the product and you can use it for many years. This fish tank is aesthetically appealing irrespective of where you keep it and the convenient and compact size allows you to keep it anywhere you like. With dimensions of 19.1 cm x 26.7 cm x 26 cm (length x height x radius) and weight of one pound, you will have no problem in moving it around. Also, this tank has a simple lighting system and it looks exceptional with colourful gravels and other aquarium decors like small plants. The 7W Bulb keeps darkness at bay and brightens up the fish tank. The lid of this beta fish tanks features is not only removable but also comes with a convenient feeding hole and therefore, it allows you to feed your fish without having to remove the entire lid. This fish tank comes with airline tubing, air pump and under-gravel filter. The best part about this fish tank is that water remains clear and clean with the help of the filter and air pump which ensures a long and healthy life for your fish.

Assembly, Setup and Maintenance

It is a universal fact that larger fish tanks are usually difficult to setup, maintain as well as handle. However, this is not the case when it comes to this fish tank. It is simple and easy to set up. You can place some fish-friendly gravel, water, plants and your fish and this aquarium will become a safe haven for your fish. Maintenance of this fish tank is not very difficult as the filter keeps the water fresh and clean for your pet fish to swim in. This fish tank has a small size and although it limits the quantity and particular type of fish you can keep, the compact size allows you to place it anywhere in your office or home. You can keep a beta, guppy, molly and fighter fish in this tank. This product is now available on the internet. So, you can buy Aquarius1 1 Gallon Tank Aquarium System online and get it delivered to your home.

Key Features

Easy to set up

Includes a special removable lighted hood with a 7W Bulb

Easy to clean and maintain

Compact and sleek design

Space saving design

Ensure that your fish can move around with ease

Comes with airline tubing, air pump and under-gravel filter

Sturdy and durable case

Comes in neat packaging

Product Features

  • 1 gallon betta kit, ideal for home, dorm room, or office. Made and designed in the USA.
  • Energy efficient LED lighting - 7 colors; amber, aqua, blue, green, purple, red and white - that brightly illuminates your fish with dazzling colors that you can select depending on time of day. Requires 3 AAA batteries (not included) with auto-shutoff feature after 2 hours to preserve battery life. Optional 4.5V Power Adapter (AP45150T) allows you to operate aquarium's LED lights from an electrical power outlet.
  • Includes undergravel filter system that provides superb, natural filtration, making your overall aquarium environment safer and healthier for your aquarium inhabitants. Also includes API Betta Food, API Stress Coat® samples and Easy Care Guide on how to keep a successful aquarium.
  • Constructed of premium grade polymers, this aquarium provides crystal-clear viewing, impact-resistant and ideal for children; the perfect starter tank.
  • 2 year warranty. Measures 7.00 x 10.00 x 7.00 inches (LxHxW).
Product Details
Manufacturer Tom (Tominaga/Oscar)
Brand KollerCraft
Model Number AP11104FFP
Item Package Quantity 1
Dimensions and Weight
Product Dimensions 19.1 cm x 26.7 cm x 26 cm

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