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Garlic Pearls

Garlic Pearls

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Overview: Garlic Pearls


Garlic oil (Bulb oil, Allium sativum) 0.5 percent w/w of oil content, excipients q.s. (edible oil) 250 mg, preservatives: methyl paraben IP and propyl paraben IP


Store in a cool dry place protected from light. Can be taken preferably after breakfast or after any meal during the day with glass of water. Can be taken by anyone above 18 years of age

Garlic has been used medicinally to treat a wide range of conditions including bites, wounds, heart diseases, pimples, headaches and more. In fact, a single bulb of garlic a day is believed to keep diseases away. Its antioxidant activity is believed to be good for the skin while the flavonoids in it are believed to help the functioning of the heart and the body. Here is an Ayurvedic daily supplement that provides the natural goodness of garlic oil and keeps your heart healthy. It improves your digestive system and builds your immunity as well. Each Ranbaxy Garlic Pearls softgel gelatin capsule contains 0.5%w/w garlic oil. It also contains Methyl Paraben and Propyl Paraben (preservatives). It is recommended that you take 1-2 Pearls after your meals, with a glass of water, thrice a day. It is extracted from a concentrated source of a special variety of garlic, the process ensures that Allicin and DAS (special compounds) are preserved completely. While you might have heard about the advantages of consuming raw garlic, you might not be aware that the benefits of garlic are often lost while you cook or swallow it without crushing it. Buy Ranbaxy Garlic Peaks and reap the benefits of consuming garlic in a form where it does not smell like raw garlic. You can also choose to carry it anywhere you like.

All in the Name of a Healthy Heart

Are you concerned about the health of your heart? Exercising regularly and avoiding salty foods are the advice you are most likely to receive when you discuss heart health. However, if you are seeking other natural means of support for a healthy heart and easy digestion, you should try garlic oil in supplement form. This pack of Ranbaxy Garlic Pearls contains 100 capsules. They are easy-to-swallow, odourless and locked with various nutritional benefits. Shop online at Junglee and find a range of healthcare supplements from a wide range of online retailers.

Features: Garlic Pearls

  • Garlic pearls is useful in lowering blood pressure
  • Garlic Pearls is good for heart
  • Garlic Pearls help in lowering cholesterol
  • Garlic Pearls is improved digestion
  • Garlic Pearls helps in building immunity
Product Details
Manufacturer Ranbaxy Laboratories Ltd
Manufacturer Part Number 8901296011737
Brand Garlic Pearls
Model Number 8.9013E+12

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