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Garnier Men Anti- Sweat Intense Sport Deodorant (150 Ml)

Garnier Men Anti- Sweat Intense Sport Deodorant (150 Ml)

Target Gender Male
Product Weight 150 grams
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Overview: Garnier Men Anti- Sweat Intense Sport Deodorant

Gone are the days when you had to face embarrassing moments because of excessive body odour. Keeping this sensitive issue in mind, Garnier has come up with the Men's 150ml Anti Sweat Sport Deodorant which will keep you fresh for hours.

Design and look

The Garnier Men's Anti Sweat Sport Deodorant comes in a metallic container with a bright green plastic cap. The 150ml sleek container is cylindrical in shape. The body comes in a smart combination of black, green and orange. The tip of the can has a black plastic nozzle fitted to it. The deodorant inside has a fresh woody fragrance.

Key highlights

The Garnier Men Anti Sweat Sport Deodorant chiefly contains powerful perlite and mineralite that help in continuously absorbing the sweat and keeping you sweat free.

It also contains Ammonium alum which acts as the deodorant crystal.

The deodorant keeps you fresh for nearly 48 hours.

It has fives times more absorbing capacity than normal talc.

This alcohol free deodorant is suitable even for sensitive skin.

This men's deodorant is ideal for regular use.

Why should you opt for this deodorant?

This powerful spray is specially designed to act against body odor and prevent bacterial growth in the armpits and other folded parts of the body. The Intense Sport deodorant is enriched with active ingredients that cater to the need of a male body. Its powerful ingredients like powerful perlite and mineralite keeps you sweat free for about 48 long hours and gives you a fresh feel. It also has five times more absorbing capacity compared to any talcum powder. The formulation includes ammonium alum and alcohol free substances to suit the sensitive skin. It has been dermatologically tested. The active ingredients of this anti-perspirant deodorant are minerals obtained which do not have any side effects. Not only for yourself, it can also be considered as a good option for gifting. The product is just ideal for urban men who remain active throughtout the day and sometimes even at night. So shop this Anti Sweat Sport Deodorant with 48 hours freshness from the online store today and enjoy longer hours of freshness.

How to use

Application of the deodorant is very simple. Just spray it on your underarms as well as on the chest area to enjoy hours of freshness. Press down the nozzle and when you are spraying, move the can up and down your underarm for around 3-4 seconds. Wait for the spray to dry for a minute, then put on your shirt or T-shirt. If you wear it immediately, then the garment might stick to your armpit leading to all day long discomfort.

Safety tips

While using any perfume, there are certain safety tips that you should always consider. While spraying, see that it doesn't get into your eye, therefore spray it from a considerable distance. Never apply on sensitive or broken skin. If you find that is leading to irritation, stop using the product instantly. It would be better if you can keep the perfume bottle away from naked flame.

About the brand

Garnier is a sub- brand of L'Oreal that produces the skin and hair care products. It is one of the biggest luxury cosmetic brands in Asia which was acquired by L'Oreal in 1970. It has been ranked 47th amongst the most trusted brands in India. The brand is well-known for using natural ingredients that are safe on our body. It has strengthened its position in the market by understanding people's changing needs.

Tips on how to choose the best anti-perspirant for men

If you are in search of a best antiperspirant for men, it is actually a challenging task. Actually the active lifestyle of most men has made this task difficult, especially if they reside in a place where the climate is hot and humid and their work involves regular outdoor visit under the sun. An antiperspirant will suit their need the best. There are several factors that you should keep in mind while purchasing the same. It should not block the sweat pores. Sweating is a natural process of cooling down the body. If it is restricted, then it can prove to be harmful for your body. The deodorant should minimise bacterial growth and restrict the body odour. It should be able to care for your skin naturally without any side effect.

So buy this Men's Deodorant with powerful perlite online and stay fresh throughout the day.

Features: Garnier Men Anti- Sweat Intense Sport Deodorant

  • 150ml
Product Details
Manufacturer L'OREAL INDIA
Brand Garnier
Colour Name Na
Target Gender Male
Dimensions and Weight
Product Weight 150 grams

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