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Gatsby Hair Styling Wax Mat & Hard

Gatsby Hair Styling Wax Mat & Hard

Product Weight 75 grams
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Overview: Gatsby Hair Styling Wax Mat & Hard

Men can say that the attractive messy state of their hair is sheer nonchalance. But we know it's not true. The truth is actually spending an hour styling it so artfully to make it look messy by accident. The Gatsby Hair Styling Wax is here to speed up that process.

A lot of those hair gels make your hair dry and hard once the initial moisture evaporates. You're left with perfectly styled hair that looks like it's made of wax. Now, that's a big no-no. You can't quite pull off that indifferent look when it's obvious that there's a ton of product on your hair. And then at the end of the day the secret's out! But with this hair styling wax, that problem is solved. It adds a natural shine to your hair that makes it near impossible to prove how you've styled it.

Some people have unmanageable hair, which makes styling and restyling a huge problem. There's usually no room for improvisation - once you've styled it a certain way, it takes ages to make minor corrections. In fact, you're not willing to spend another hour undoing every careful stroke. Not to worry, this styling wax will work on your hair too! The solid styling power is certainly a force to reckon with.

After all that effort you put into spiking up your hair or flattening it in the cute boy kind of way, it will be a huge letdown to have it smell in a certain way or not have to smell at all. The citrus fragrance present in this wax makes itself known as you walk past and immediately earns your appreciative looks.

So enough of that façade; get the Gatsby Hair Styling Wax now and look effortlessly cool tomorrow!

Features: Gatsby Hair Styling Wax Mat & Hard

  • Gives a natural shine to the hair
  • Makes it easy to restyle the hair in any manner that you want
  • Provides solid styling power
  • Citrus fragrance
Product Details
Manufacturer Gatsby
Brand Gatsby Leather
Dimensions and Weight
Product Weight 75 grams

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