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Gauba 360 Degree Magic Spin Mop

Gauba 360 Degree Magic Spin Mop

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Overview: Gauba 360 Degree Magic Spin Mop

Cleaning is no longer a tedious and tiresome job. You are now provided with a modern and innovative cleaning mop through which you can keep your house clean and tidy. This cleaning mop will undoubtedly make your life easier and help you to get rid of unwanted dirt in a hassle-free way. Here is your opportunity to shop online for Gauba purple magic spin mop and make a meaningful purchase. Let us look closely at the special features of this product before you decide to purchase it online.

Product Description

Now you can forget the tiring days when you had to put in a lot of effort and physical labour to scrub floors and keep your house completely clean. This spin mop helps you to clean every nook and corner of your house while standing. You need not soil your hands with dirty water and grime. This mop has a 360 degree rotating head that conveniently lets you wipe away dirt particles and reach difficult corners easily. The product consists of a mop head, an adjustable rod and a spinner bucket. The mop head comes in a circular shape that can be rotated by 360 degrees. This provides the opportunity to cover a greater amount of surface area with minimum movement and make it possible for you to reach otherwise inaccessible corners.

The mop head is crafted from premium quality plastic material and comes in a purple colour. It is attached to absorbent micro fibres that absorb up to 6 times the amount of moisture that a normal cotton mop is capable of soaking. The speed with which these fibres absorb massive spills and remove tough stains within seconds will keep you amazed. The mop head is attached to a long stainless steel rod that is adjustable in length. It constitutes of two parts that are joined adjacently in order to make it long.  Once assembled, this rod makes it very convenient for you to clean below heavy furniture like sofa set or bed. It also grants you the opportunity to mop the floor without having to stoop down or strain your spine. The product also comes with a bucket that includes a spinner inside it. It is made of high grade plastic and is highly durable in quality. While the bucket comes in a purple colour, the spinner features a white shade.

How to Use This Magic Mop

This purple magic spin mop can be used very easily to get sparkling floor within moments. You need to fill the bucket with water and dunk the mop inside it. You can also add a powerful disinfectant to the water if you want to sanitise your house completely and keep it free from germs. After it becomes wet, you need to put it inside the spinner that whirls so that the excess amount of water from the mop head can be squeezed out. Now you can clean the floor with ease. After you have cleaned a considerable area, you need to clean the Gauba magic spin mop. For this, you have to repeat the process and your mop is ready to be used again.

After you are done cleaning, you can remove the filthy mop head for easy washing. You simply need to press down the mop head with your foot in order to detach it from the long handle or rod. Once you have done this, you can machine wash it without getting your hands filthy. Therefore, you are spared from the trouble of washing the dirty mop head with your own hands. Since this mop offers an amazing 360 degree rotation feature, you can get more out of it than any other ordinary mop. Moreover, it comes with its own cleaning system that enables you to clean more surface area with it before cleaning the mop head in a washing machine. It has been especially designed keeping in mind that cleaning forms an essential part of the everyday routine in every household.

Key Highlights

360 degree spinning mop head that delivers impeccable performance

Spinner bucket

Detachable mop head that can be easily removed with foot

Mop head is machine washable

Adjustable stainless steel handle

Highly absorbent micro fibres

Easy reach to difficult corners

Combination of purple and white colours

So what are you waiting for? Buy Gauba purple magic spin mop online today from the comfort of your home and keep your house clean!

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Brand Gauba

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