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Gauba Anti-Slip Mat Eva Roll Mat

Gauba Anti-Slip Mat Eva Roll Mat

Brand Gauba
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Overview: Gauba Anti-Slip Mat Eva Roll Mat

Mats are one such category of furnishing essentials that is required in almost every household. They serve a variety of purposes and are of various types. If you have been looking for the proper mat that will offer a stylish touch to your home décor, then your search ends here. With this Gauba Anti-Slip Eva Roll Mat Multicolour, you are sure to benefit a lot. The premium quality product is not only durable but also features a stylish look in order to enhance the look of your interior. It is an eco-friendly item that is sure to impress you with its utility. So, go ahead and shop online for this Gauba Anti-Slip Eva Roll Mat Multicolour. Make the optimum use of the mat that is anti-slip and safe in addition to being trendy.

Product Features:

The Gauba Anti-Slip Eva Roll Mat Multicolour is an excellent quality product and is worth the buy. It has been designed using high quality materials so that it is durable and resistant to wear and tear. You can use it on a regular basis without any worries. The mat has been manufactured by Gauba in an environment friendly manner so that it offers the optimum service. It is a non-toxic and anti-slip item and hence very safe to be used at homes. The surface is also resistant to the development of scratches and stays fresh and odourless even after long term usage. The trendy design that it features along with fresh hues make it a stylish item that can well serve decorative purposes. The mat is also water proof and that is what further adds to its utility. You can use the EVA mat for various purposes, depending on your requirement and it is sure to be impressive in terms of its services. The make of the mat is such that it stays fresh and unsoiled even after considerable period of usage. Moreover, it has a soft and smooth texture so that it is highly flexible and does not alter its original shape. You can store the item by rolling it without worrying about any kinds of disfigurement. You will stay extremely comfortable using this user-friendly product that comes in a trendy pattern.


This Gauba Anti-Slip Eva Roll Mat Multicolour is a very environment friendly and recyclable product that has multiple utilities. It not only serves the decorative purpose but is also useful as a suitable mat. It is of the appropriate dimensions to fit into the designated space with ease. You can carry it with ease as it is highly portable. The anti-slip feature makes it further beneficial. The safety is guaranteed. The Eva Roll Mat can be used for various purposes. Use it drawer or dinner mats, tool mats, shoe mats. You can use it at home or at work as well. So, do not think twice. Get this useful item and make the most of it.

Care and Maintenance:

This Anti-Slip Eva Roll Mat comes from the house of Gauba. The brand ensures that you get a high quality item opting for products from their range. This mat is also of excellent quality and will be long lasting. Moreover, it is very easy to care for and maintain the product. Here are few easy tips enlisted here for your convenience. The mat is very easy to clean and will retain its texture for long period of time. Wash it with a solution of cold water and a mild detergent. Then let it dry flat on an airy and shaded area. Store it in an appropriate place so that it does not come in friction with sharp items. You can also simply mop and remove the accumulated dust particles from its surface.

Key Highlights:

Gauba Anti-Slip EVA Roll Mat


Environment friendly

Easy to take care of

Various utilities

Therefore, do not wait any longer. You can buy this valuable item with just a simple click of the mouse. Buy the Gauba Anti-Slip Eva Roll Mat Multicolour online. Get it delivered to your doorstep. You can also gift it to loved ones on occasions like housewarming parties and impress them with your choice. Add a touch of spunk to your interiors. Buy online. Order now. Hurry!

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Brand Gauba

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