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Gauba Cotton Jaipuri Razai (AC Quilt) White Base - Double Bed Size

Gauba Cotton Jaipuri Razai (AC Quilt) White Base - Double Bed Size

Brand Gauba
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Overview: Gauba Cotton Jaipuri Razai (AC Quilt) White Base - Double Bed Size

If you are bored of using the same old synthetic blankets then it's high time that you experience the warmth and cozy feel of the White and Blue Double Bed Jaipuri Razai from the house of Gauba this winter. It is so comfortable that you can even put in on during the rainy season.

Material and Design

The White and Blue Single Bed Jaipuri Razai is made of fine cotton material which is stuffed with high grade cotton. The look of the traditional white coloured razai has been enhanced with Sanganeri print of Rajasthan in blue. The sober combination of blue and white gives your room a fabulous look. The quality stitches hold the cotton sheet in place. The size of the razai is ideal for double beds.

Key highlights

The traditional Jaipuri razai is made of high grade stuffed cotton and are highly durable.

The handmade razai is designed for double beds.

The look of the razai has been enhanced with traditional Sanganeri Print of Rajasthan.

It is light in weight and can be easily handled.


The White and Blue Double Bed Jaipuri Razai is crafted to give you a snug and warm feeling on the chilly winter nights. Since it is stuffed with lightweight high quality cotton sheets, you can manage it easily. The lightweight also allows you to fold and pack it in a limited space. These razais are not only durable but extremely comfortable. It keeps you warm and cosy in those winter nights.  You can cuddle in your bed with this soft razai for the ultimate comfort while enjoying your favourite movie sitting on your bed.  During the day time, fold the blanket neatly and store it inside the cupboard.  This beautiful and cozy double bed razai can also be an excellent gift option on house warming occasions, weddings, anniversaries, etc. So shop this Traditional Sanganeri Print Double Bed Jaipuri Razai online today.

Why Jaipuri razais are so popular nowadays?

A Jaipuri razai is basically a Rajasthani quilt. The word "razai" means "quilt". This Indian quilt is popular both for its artisan and functionality. Rajasthan quilt-makers have developed a tradition of making a snuggly, warm, lightweight quilt called a "Jaipuri razai". Earlier, Rajasthanis used to travel on camel caravans. The travellers were mainly warriors , shepherds, soldiers, wandering bards and traders. They used to carry this razai which would keep them protected from the cool waves at night in the desert. Since it is light in weight and can be easily carried, the travellers could carry it conveniently on their camel caravans. People mostly prefer Jaipuri Razais over other types of quilts as they are light in weight and very soft. Moreover, you can even warm your hands and  hand in those cold and chilly nights. 

How Jaipuri razai are made?

The popular handmade Jaipuri razais are based on the old textile-making skills of cotton carding, quilting and voile-making. Cotton carding is the process of preparing cotton for a making a quilt. During this process the cotton dross is done away with. Removal of the dross leaves the cotton soft and fine. These beautiful cotton fibers are used as a stuffing in the traditional razais. When a worker starts carding a Jaipuri razai, the weight of the cotton is about a kilogram. However, after carding the weight of the cotton is just about 100gm. Quilt-makers usually does all the stitching work with a normal needle. But in today's modern world they use sewing machines to stitch the sides of the quilt. The quality of the stitches increase the durability of the quilt. Quilters also use a running stitch on the interior of the quilt panels so that the cotton sheet is held in place which adds to the overall beauty of the quilt. The outer material of the Jaipuri razai usually has Sanganeri hand Block printing that includes kaleidoscopic, floral and Dhola Maru prints. They come in various vivid and bright colors.

Maintenance and care

If you take proper care of the razai then it will definitely serve you for a long time. To keep the colour and texture of the razai intact, you are advised to dry clean it. But if you are planning to wash it in a washing machine at home then wash it in the wool program mode. Do not wring it and never dry them in direct sunlight as the natural colour of the quilt might fade. While drying, do not hang it in a clothes line; instead spread it on a flat surface.

So buy this Original Cotton Filled Jaipuri Razai online and get cozy in those chilly winter nights.

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