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Gearonic Back Protection Case Cover Gear2155 Black and White

Gearonic Back Protection Case Cover Gear2155 Black and White

Colour White
Compatible Devices Blackberry Z10
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Product Description

Who can do without a phone these days? They have become an essential aspect of one's life. Technology has advanced to such a level that phones are not just used for making calls these days but have a number of smart applications and features that make life easier. When you invest a considerable amount on your phone, you must also want it to stay secure so that you can enjoy using it for a considerable period of time. Blackberry Z10 is an amazing phone with several features and surely a valuable gadget for you. So, here you have this Gearonic Gear2155 Dual Layer Silicone Back Protection Case Cover for Blackberry Z10, Black and White that will be effective in keeping your phone safe and scratch free. Give your phone a stylish appearance and also ensure that it stays safe with this fabulous back cover that will be a practical buy.

Key Highlights:

Brand: Gearonic

Manufacturer: Gearonic

Model Number: Gear2155

Suitable For: Blackberry Z10

Material: Silicone

Colour: Black and White

Target Audience: Unisex

Package Content: 1 unit

Materials and Make:

The case cover is very sturdy and well-built so that it offers optimum protection to your BB phone. It is a two-piece back case that can be snapped on to your phone without any hassle. The inner part of the cover is made from high quality silicone material that is soft and flexible. The outer part of this back cover has been uniquely designed and is made from hard Polycarbonate material of excellent quality to offer better quality shock absorption and anti-slip protection to your phone. There is a dotted surface on the back so that it is rugged. You have to combine the pieces and attach it to your phone. It will be easy to do so because of the simple process of attaching it. The genuine material that goes into its making guarantees that it is durable and resistant to wear and tear. The classic black and white colour combination further enhances the appeal of this cover case.


You can protect your phone with this fabulous back cover that is designed to fit your BB phone perfectly and serve as a protective layer for the device. Protect your phone from accidental abrasions, scratches and other damages. Also, prevent the accumulation of dust and moisture on the surface of your phone. The cover is well-designed so that it does not tear easily or develop patches due to fingerprints.

It has all the necessary requirements needed to lend a glamorous look and ultimate protection to your phone. It is scratch and water resistant and will fit your phone like a glove and meet your need. It is also anti-scratch and skid-proof. You need not worry all the time about the safety of your phone. The cover ensures that you can carry the device without any hassle. The simple design smoothens the functioning. You can easily install and remove your device due to the snap-on system. The case will match all your outfits and add a dash of style to the look of your BB phone.

Care and Maintenance:

The brand ensures the quality of the product. It will be a valuable addition to your accessories collection. You hardly need to bother about the safety of your phone while you are using this cover. You just need to invest little care to maintain the shine and newness of this cover. Wipe the surface to remove the accumulation of dust on the surface on top of the cover. Occasionally, a damp piece of cloth can also be used. But make sure to remove your phone from the cover before doing the same. This will wipe off any stain from the surface. However, do not use any chemical to clean it. The cover material resists the development of scratches and is also water-resistant. It will last you long and be of immense use to you. You will not regret your choice later. This is possibly the best case cover in the market for your BB phone and will impress you with the quality.

Do not wait any further. Get this exclusive product for yourself and offer complete protection to your Blackberry Z10 phone. You can have this just with a simple click of the mouse. Shop for the Gearonic Back Protection Case Cover Gear2155 Black and White online. Get it delivered to your doorstep. Buy online.

Product Details
Manufacturer Part Number GEAR2155
Brand Gearonic
Model Number Gear2155
Colour White
Item Package Quantity 1
Technical Specification
Compatible Devices Blackberry Z10

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